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3 More Tips on Building a Resilient Team

The process of building a resilient team should start from the recruitment stage. Some candidates are naturally resilient while others need some training to be resilient. But before you start looking for training room rental or classroom rental, here are a few more tips on building a resilient team.

1. Foster teamwork and collaboration
As the saying goes, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”. When all your team members work together toward a common goal, they are more likely to accomplish that goal. As an employer or manager, you job is to create an environment of collaboration. For instance, create a smart system to delegate and assign tasks.

Establish channels of collaboration. Everyone should be able to voice their opinions without feeling fearful. They should be open with each other and talk about their adversities without hesitation. Unity in the team also gives rise to confidence among members. That is because they are aware that each one of them will be fulfilling their part of the roles as best as they can.

2. Have a backup plan
Nobody can predict the future. No matter how you plan, workplace snafus are almost unavoidable. That’s why you need a backup plan. For instance, if someone from your IT team calls in sick, someone else from your other teams should take over his responsibilities.

Make sure to keep every team member in the loop about what is going on. Even when dividing the responsibilities, let everyone know about every point. That will reduce stress among your team members.

3. Start with yourself
Good leaders lead by example. Check how resilient you are when it comes to challenges and difficulties. Your team will always follow suit when they start working.

Be honest about all the difficulties and challenges that you face. Sharing such experiences will make your team more confident about you. Additionally, they will also feel more valuable and connect more easily with you.