3 More Ways to Improve Audience Engagement at Events

Getting people’s attention has always been a difficult task. However, the job has become even more challenging these days. When it comes to audience engagement, the old techniques like gaming or presenting a slideshow do not work any longer.

So, before you book training room rental or seminar room rental, consider learning some advanced tips on how to engage your audiences from the get go. We already shared some tips in the previous article. Here are some more tips.

1. Ask thoughtful questions
Sometimes, the purpose of asking questions is more than just getting an answer.

For instance, consider asking questions like, “Can you remember your first mobile phone?” Questions like this work as a prompt to get the attendees start thinking. You can use this technique to make them ponder the topic at hand.

2. Learn to deal with the unexpected
One challenging part of asking live questions is you may get surprising answers or no response at all. So, expect the unexpected and learn to deal with such situations. If an audience response shocks you, move on with a smile.

Or maybe you want to present a counter viewpoint. You have to think on your feet and prepare yourself to face the unexpected.

3. Get the event venue right
It is a no-brainer that people are more likely to pay attention when their creature comforts are properly taken care of. For instance, make sure your event venue is equipped with air conditioners and room heaters. Check if free WiFi is available. You should also make sure there is good arrangement for food and tea.

Also, check the lighting and seating arrangements. Little things like these can go a long way to make your attendees feel comfortable and open up. Finally, do not forget to take their feedback at the end of the event.