5 Steps To Have A Clean Training Room After Meetings

After training, you know that it can be difficult to come out of the room. You may have even found yourself feeling guilty for leaving all the mess.

As a courtesy to the next renters, it would be great to clean up the space especially when you rent training room. You know exactly how it feels to conduct training in a dirty room.

So, whether only a few of you used the room or a hundred, meeting rooms need to be cleaned after each use.

Here is a quick clean-up checklist when you rent seminar room!


1. Shut Off Projectors And Other Equipment.

No matter what kind of equipment you’re using, whether it’s laptops, projectors, microphones, or other devices that have audio outputs, there should be some standard for how they’re powered down when the room is not being used.


2. Pick Up Any Trash.

The leader of a meeting needs to be diligent about making sure that the room is clean after use. Everyone should be encouraged to pick up stacks of paper everywhere, half-eaten food on the desk, empty drinks, erase the writings on the board, or clear an overflowing wastebasket. 


3. Wipe Clean Surfaces.

As a meeting planner, you should make disposable wipes available for your participants.

Germs can easily be transferred through physical contact with a sneeze, cough or handshake. 

To combat the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses, it’s important to use disposable cleaning wipes to wipe down any surface touched by conference participants before the next meeting.

You can also use them to clean up spills, other dirt and dust.


4. Return Equipment Or Tools To Its Original Place.

It’s important that everyone follow the rules and respect the property of others. Make sure you know where to put back everything you borrowed or moved – whether it’s a chair, table, projector screen, chart board, marker, eraser, etc.

Also, if you bring in items that don’t belong in the conference room, take them back out when the meeting is over.


5. Turn Off The Lights.

After the meeting is finished, the lights should be turned off before leaving the room. 



Many training room renters don’t think of it this way, but space is just as much a part of your brand as a logo or website.

It’s your identity, in essence, and as such, you must treat it with respect and care. 

Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a high degree of cleanliness in the training room, especially after use. 

A simple courtesy gesture will go a long way to ensure the next meeting in the room runs smoothly.


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