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5 Creative Ways to Use Seminar Rooms for More than Just Conferences

As you may have noticed, there has been a huge trend over the last few years with respect to seminars and workshops. Not only are businesses offering seminars and workshops to train staff and educate people about their products or services, but it’s becoming more common for companies to hold conferences and events to showcase new products and services. This is a very cost-effective method of promoting your brand and generating leads.

You may not realize it, but a seminar room or a classroom rental is a great place for creative thinking, brainstorming, and problem-solving.

As the economy gets better, more companies and even small groups rent training room to use them beyond the traditional conference space.

Here are some of those ways:


1. Client Meetings

A client meeting is a unique sales opportunity for your business. Why? Because it allows your clients to see you in your element and understand how you work in person rather than over email. 

A seminar room is a great place for that. The space looks professional and feels more intimate and relaxed which allows you, whether you are a professional or a freelancer, to show your personality and establish a relationship based on trust and respect.


2. Meetups

Seminar rooms vary, so it works for small, medium, or large groups. That covers meetups for local professionals, freelancers, influencers, event organisers, and many more. You can gather them in batches of 8, 10, or 20.


3. Learn at Lunch

Classroom rentals generally offer space for people to hold meetings and do training sessions. But, they can also use them for lunchtime learning sessions, presentations, and even networking. Some room rentals provide in-house catering, so better check with the space provider first.


4. Skillshares

Because of its controlled noise environment, you can maximize the seminar room for skillshare. Skillshares are great because they give you a chance to practice, teach, learn and socialize at the same time. The best skillshares have content that’s tailored to the group in which they take place. 

Groups can be tutorial sessions among writers, developers, designers, marketers, and even students.

They’re not only about skills but also about motivation, learning style, and other factors that will help everyone grow and develop together.


5. Student Hubs

A seminar room is an excellent place for students to study for a class or work on homework and projects. Use seminar rooms to provide an environment that fosters student success.

A Group study may include discussion forums, presentations, videos, or whiteboards.



A seminar room has a lot to offer more than just conducting seminars. Think of the space as a blank canvas that can be customized to fit your needs.

The room itself isn’t anything special, but what you do with the space really counts. There are plenty of options out there to help you make it work for your purposes.

So, if your concerns are one of those, contact your seminar room rental provider to guide you in choosing the best for your activity. 


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