Do’s and Dont’s of Training Room

As trainers ourselves, we are constantly on a lookout for partnering clients on a win-win relationship for our training room or seminar room rental. Clients who take care the room as much as we do are most welcomed to rent our room as we value partners who share our same values that having a good seminar room is part of the success of a training or seminar event.

A good seminar or training room is defined as well kept, clean, spick and span and smells nice. The carpet is well maintained. Below are our do’s and don’ts which will help to set the stage right for a mutually beneficial partnership


  • No drinking and eating in the seminar or training room. Plain water is allowed but please be careful to avoid spillage.
  • No smoking in the room 
  • Please keep the place in the same tip top condition as it was handed to you. 
  • Please report any spillage or damages to our company representative. We place a lot of trust and faith in our clients honesty and responsibility.
  • Please do not register your company using our address.
  • Avoid speaking on topics which are derogatory and discriminatory.
  • Ensure you have acquired the necessary rights to play the music or materials during your event. We trust that our clients will not infringe on copyright during their event.
  • Please take care of the equipment that comes with the rental example, speaker, projector, flip chart, white board etc. 
  • Please be considerate and end your event on time as another trainer who is taking over the room will need time to do set-up and preparation work.

We trust this non-exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts will provide a conducive, great learning learning experience for your participants.

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