How To Manage Location Issues Related To Training

Training-room-locations-singaporeYou’re the best trainer with right kind of skills to turn fools into professionals. Still, you’re not satisfied with the number of queries. Perhaps, your training room doesn’t exist where it should be.

Trainer has to look at different aspects of training and location is one of the major factors to determine success or failure of your course. Learners may find it hard to attend training sessions because of time constraints. They may have responsibilities of job and families, making it impossible for them to attend the training.

Here are few examples of difficult locations:

Location Closer to Work

At times, employees chose locations closer to where they work. They think that a location closed to workplace will reduce their travelling time and they can get there on time. In reality, it doesn’t happen as employees tend to arrive late for classes. Moreover, they can get distracted easily.

Few organizations conduct training sessions after working hours – during evening or night. Many employees would disapprove the idea as they might have tight schedule or family commitments. This is the reason why most business owners don’t like to try this option.

What you can do:

A business owner you wouldn’t waste his time and money on training which is difficult to attend for employees. Prepare a training proposal according to the needs of business and emphasize on flaws that can only be removed with the help of effective training. Then consider the following tips:

  • Choose a training room rental in a location far from work.
  • Important training (such as initial training course) must be conducted outside the city so that the employees remain consistent and pay undivided attention.
  • For night training, make sure employees have a proper place to stay and relax. A hotel may be a good option. In this manner, you can avoid absences and get better results.

Locations Difficult to Access

If the training is held within the city, it is important to ensure that everyone should arrive without any difficulty. You need to identify transportation routes, transport options, transportation cost and any other thing that may cause difficulty. Employees can come up with excuses, such as:

  • Lack of transportation
  • Lack of name, address or contact information of the classroom
  • High travelling cost

What to do:

In order to ensure 100% attendance in training or seminar, propose the following:

  1. Circulate information and ensure that every one has received it. The circular must contain
  • Proper address of seminar room rental, with information about any popular place nearby
  • Information of route – subway, bus stand, cab stand
  • Time of training

At the same time, make sure that the training facility exists in safe and secure place, and not too far from their homes.

  1. Arrange transportation (if you have resources) with details of pick-up times of every participant. You may want to add the place where they should be picked up. If you’re providing own company transport, it is important to note down the names of those employees who chose self-conveyance.


Location has a huge role to play in identifying training facilities. If you’re a freelance trainer or own a business, you need to ensure that all participants attend your sessions with fresh minds. If you have understood these tips, you can easily manage the training issues related to location.