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What Are Intrapersonal Skills and Why It Matters In A Workplace?

While we need to recognize our Interpersonal skills in building relationships with others, we have to recognize our intrapersonal skills more importantly in communicating with ourselves.

Most areas of our lives require intrapersonal skills since these internal abilities and behavior allow us to carry out our emotions, thoughts, and awareness. ‘Intra’ means inside. If we can reflect, analyse, and interpret what goes on inside of us, we can achieve a meaningful life, increase productivity, and foster happiness.

Any company and team prefer people who have strong intrapersonal skills. This is because, first, a person who can understand his own self can understand others. Second, a person who has internal strength knows how to approach every challenge, focus on goals, creatively come up with solutions, and make informed and sound decisions.

What are some of the most important skills that are critical to any job?

Focus and Attention
If we are fully aware of our goals, we will become focused on our task. Despite the busy and noisy surroundings, our attention is centered on hitting the target. We tend to accompany it with discipline by distancing ourselves from destruction and keeping on schedule. Hence, we become productive and less stressed.

Change is inevitable. The best skill we can rely on to this is flexibility to the situation whether we are presented with an additional task, moved to a different department, or promoted. Trying something new can be scary but it gives us room for growth.

A person who is adaptable to changes is fearless to evaluate risks and welcome new opportunities, hence, is capable of creating action plans to mitigate the negative effects and aggravate the positive side.

We can get advice and opinions from other people but if we are aware of our own thoughts and feelings, we can rationalize what we hear from others and from ourselves then come up with the best decision for the matter.

Try journaling. Jot down your emotions and ideas, daily experiences, and even goals. So when the time comes you have to decide for yourself or even for other stuff, you can simply look back in your notes and weigh things out.

In every problem, there are different solutions. Generating a unique idea to solve each dilemma is a skill and a worker who possesses that is a gem to any industry.

Explore your talents and unleash your creativity.

How Can You Help Your Employees or Team Members Improve Intrapersonal Skills?

  1. Provide Seminars or Trainings
    If you are a company owner or a team leader, you’d want your employees or members to build these soft skills. If these abilities are not innate to them, you can possibly do something to cultivate this kind of intelligence. Rent classroom and organise intrapersonal skill development training.
  2. Display Posters About Self-Awareness
    Whether you have your own office or you rent training room, ensure that you post quotes on the wall to remind them of connecting themselves for a healthy inner dialogue. Just like “Make time for self-reflection”, “Create realistic goals and recognize achievements” and “Practice Positive Self-Talk”.

Intrapersonal skills are vital especially in a corporate setup. It increases the chance for employability. Though not everyone has these abilities, they can be cultivated.

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