How do you keep track of your participants and add value to them?

It is not an easy task keeping track of participants to your seminar or training if you do not have an organised way of keeping track. For example, how many has turned up, has not turned up and whether to make the decision whether to wait for more participants to come or wait for more to arrive.

While you can rely on your intuition with the room capacity being filled, still this is not a very good gauge and there are also some good reasons for keeping track of your participants attendance.

We recommend the old school method of just printing out the excel spreadsheet and let the participants sign when they arrive. Don’t tick but sign as some participants are fond of ticking for their friend or partner and this will disrupt your accuracy.

With a signing in sheet, it gives you benefits especially when your seminar room is full but some participants tried to walk in. As mentioned, we must always give priority to those who signed up online or have been following your blogs etc.

There are few benefits for both organizer and participant adopting the sign in sheet.

1) This helps the participant to ensure that he is at the right place/ seminar. It is not uncommon that several seminars take place together at one venue and the participant went to the wrong seminar that he did not sign up for.

2) It helps the organizer to ascertain the number of participants attending the seminar. Sometimes, if the participant has typed in the wrong email address or other personal information, it is also a good time during the sign in to correct the mistake.

3) Some trainer will send some freebies to the emails of the participants who attend the seminar to thank them for their time. Without a sign in sheet, the organizer has no means to find out who did physically came for the seminar. It will not look good for the company if they state they will only send to those who attended but sent to everyone in the sign up sheet even those who did not attend on that day.

If you have enough space to accommodate walk in guests, do not forget to leave blank space at the below of the paper so that the walk in guests can write their names and means of contacting them. This is your potential leads to sales!

In summary, your client database is your lifeline in business and people who took time to come attend your seminar deserve to be rewarded with your freebies or useful resources. Segregate those who genuinely are interested in your business from those and those who sign up for fun and you should be able to close deals more easily.

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