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4 Proven Methods to Attract People to Attend Your Training

If you want to attract people to your training program, you need to go beyond simple marketing. It’s not just about selecting a classroom rental, you need to develop and deliver an exceptional experience.

You can rent training room and get people to attend your training sessions by following these four simple steps.


1. Plan Ahead

The importance of planning cannot be stressed enough. It doesn’t matter whether the training is an internal training session for your company or an external training session, if you don’t start early enough, the likelihood of attendance is low. This is especially true for training that is delivered in person.

Choose a venue and location that will make your event appealing to potential attendees. Consider the amenities and classroom sizes. Don’t schedule your training on a day that is close to a major holiday period. 

2. Spread the Word

Start off by writing a short description of what you’re going to teach. Include a section about how to register and book seats for the event.

Also, inform them when to attend and where to find the venue. Then, build a schedule to show that you can provide value to attendees and make sure you have plenty of time for Q&A and networking afterwards.

But… don’t simply inform your target audience about the event. ACTIVELY MARKET YOUR TRAINING! 

For example, if your focus is a young professional audience, post on the social networking sites they routinely use.

If your target is mature audiences, advertise in industry magazines or newsletters they regularly read. Create a buzz by giving away free seats to the first 5 people to register or a raffle draw.

You can also try to encourage the people who have already registered for your event to invite their friends or colleagues to join them, as they will feel special if their friends are joining them.

3. Trainers and Topics

People are looking for ways to improve themselves and become more knowledgeable in a particular area. To capture those interests and drive attendees, a company can use tactics like these: 

  1. Hire a trainer who is known within your industry (or has a reputation for being an excellent presenter).
  2. Find a topic that’s very relevant to your audience’s needs or problems, and focus on that topic exclusively during your training session.

A good way to select speakers for any kind of training is to think about what your audience wants to hear. Who would benefit most from your training?

This is also a great way to keep the conversation focused on your audience’s goals.

4. Audience Connections

When you’re trying to get people to attend a training session, what better way to do so than to establish a connection with them?

That is, build a relationship with them, whether through a conversation or a social media interaction, and let them know why they should attend the training session.

The best kind of relationship to create with potential attendees is one where they can see themselves benefiting from attending the training session. In other words, provide a strong value proposition.


If you want to attract people to attend your training, you must take care of the following 4 important things: planning, spreading the news about your training, selecting trainers and topics, and building relationship with your audience. 

If you do all this correctly, you will definitely see the results as you enter the training room.



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