Tips to anticipate and answer questions as a speaker

A seminar can go wrong if you did not prepare sufficiently. One of the best ways to consider yourself well prepared for the seminar is when you have anticipated the questions that will likely be asked by the audience and coming up with answers and pointers to support your argument. This will give you the confidence to ask your audience if they have any questions about your presentation or product. If answered well, this will also give confidence to the rest of the participants who are in the seminar and let them form a good impression on you and importantly your product or service you are selling or promotion.

Some of the ways to garner questions to prepare are from your family members and family
You should always do a few times of dry run with your friends or family and invite them to pose questions or clarify things that you have not sufficiently elaborated on. Invite your family and friends to give you critic and help you to improve. This is the pool of people whom you can trust and rely on. Many times, the same questions that are post by your family and friends can be the same as the ones that your audience may post it to you. Hence, do adequate research on questions that you are unfamiliar with and take the questions of your family and friends seriously.

Know both the benefits and disadvantages of your product and services
Always try to illustrate the benefits of your product and try to minimise time discussing on the disadvantages of your product. However, when you are asked, never be dishonest to your audience and make claims which are untrue.

If you do not know the answer, be upfront and be candid about it. If you wish to take extra effort, let the participant know that you will get back to him after checking for the answer.

Whenever you open the floor to your audience, it is quite usual that you have audiene that disagree with some the points that you have made earlier. Do not put anyone down even if you know that he/she is not as good in your knowledge as you. But politely let the participant know that this is your opinion after research and of course he is also entitled to his/her opinion. Lastly, thank the participant for his question and feedback.

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