Tips to prepare for your training event

As a trainer, it is good to ensure that your participants stroll into a calm and relaxed ambience that is ready for learning. The training room is the very first thing that greets them and form an impression on you. It also shows your participants whether you took effort to get ready the training room for them.

Almost every trainer must have encountered at least one training ‘mishap’, for example the room air con is not working, the projector cannot be on and so forth. Hence, what are the questions to consider prior to your training event?

1. Date of event
When is the date of event? Do you have other assignments that lead to you not being able to meet the deadline of the training event? Do you have ample time to look through your materials or refresh or add to your training materials before your training event?

2. Location of training event
Is the location of the training event easily accessible? Have you provided sufficient location directions like nearest mrt station, bus stops, landmarks to help your participants to find the location

3. Training Room Rental Company Information
Do you have the rental company’s telephone? Is there someone to assist you if you encounter any issues with the setup of
the training room?

4. Training Materials and Resources
How do you get your training materials to your event? Is drinking water provided by the training room rental company or do you have to purchase?

5. Room Arrangements
Your room will have great impact on your training event success. Do consider arranging the room to support the learning goals and level of participation that you desire. There are many types of room configurations available and depending on your objective of the training session, it should be tailored and adjusted accordingly.

6. Size of Room
It doesn’t mean that a room size that is large means that it is good for your training, vice versa. For example, if the training event comprises of many small group activities, you have to ensure that there is sufficient space in the room. Otherwise, arrange for additional smaller breakout rooms during your breakout sessions.

7. Convenience
Is the lunch venue, washroom convenient to your participants? This will ensure that your participants  return on time after their breaks or meals.

8. Phone and Emails
In order to have a successful and engaging training event, do remind your participants to turn off their  hand phone or minimally turn off the ringer so that any phone calls do not disturb the session.

9. Email Reminder
It is recommend to send an email or sms reminder to your participants one week and one day before your training event. This will help to ensure a high turnup rate.

10. Room temperature
There will be no ‘perfect’ room temperate that can please everyone. However, it will be helpful if you set the temperature at about 24-25 degree celsius. In addition, also inform the participants to bring along a sweater just in case they find the room to cold for their liking.

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