3 More Tips for Training Your Gen Y Sales Team

You know that your millennial salespeople have a short attention span, but that should not stop you from successfully training them. You can still make your sales training programs effective simply by keeping the sessions short.

The good news is; despite the “jellyfish” attention span, the Gen Y people are quick to learn. So maybe instead of a one-hour lecture, give a five-minute video presentation. When you rent training room or rent classroom, make sure the room has all the necessary equipment and modern facilities. Here are some more tips on training the new generation salespeople.

1. Foster collaboration

The Gen Y loves to share and work together. So you don’t have to give lectures on the importance of breaking work silos. They already know the benefits. All you need is to create an environment where collaboration can thrive. Even in your training sessions, encourage peer-to-peer training and mentoring.

2. Offer incentives

While money is not key driver for most millennial salespeople, instant gratification is. From fast food to Uber service, the new generation is used to getting everything immediately. They don’t want to hustle or wait too long for a reward. While you can set a long-term goal for them, make sure they also get incentives along the way.

3. Give them more flexibility

Not everyone learns the same way. Different people have different ways to learn. The new generation salespeople are more reluctant to accept any set rule for learning. You need to give them the flexibility, so they can learn at their own pace. Plan your training programs in a way that does not require everyone to follow the same path. The more flexible your training program is the more chance it has to be effective for most attendees. Keep this mind when designing your sales training programs.