How to Create Buzz around Your Event

For any organization, ensuring that an important event goes successfully is important. This can be achieved only by generating a buzz that attracts attendees, sponsors, and boosts sales. More and more businesses are taking to social media to create an interest and anticipation in the minds of the audience.

Other strategies include early-bird offers on ticket prices and shooting videos that give customers a sneak-peek into the event. Putting up billboards around the venue of your training room rental also starts well in advance. Here is how to create a buzz around your next event.

Build hype on social media

Statistics reveal that 2.31 billion Singaporeans are on social media today. This makes building excitement around your event, rather easy. You will have to start well in advance, posting pictures and posts that follow the agenda of your event. Create hash tags that people can use to easily access your content.

However, make sure there is a human element to your content. Respond individually to comments and queries as far as possible. Create an event page on Facebook to post any updates or changes to the event timings or your seminar room rental. Twitter can be used to share shortened URLs of the event page. Do remember to mention any notable speakers attending the event.

Offer value to your attendees

Organizers of any event should know their audience well, because it helps to offer value better. For instance, millennial have been seen to favor events with a solid policy of giving back to the society. In case you don’t know what it is that your targeted audience likes, start sending out relevant surveys in advance.

It is a good idea to have facilities like water dispensers, convenient washroom facilities, and food trucks. That is why you must choose the right training room rental.

Have strategies to engage the attendees

Whether you want to have a food truck or a band performance at the end of the event depends on the kind of event it is. However, these endeavors can help attract only a section of your targeted audience. To generate a buzz that works for other sections, make the event engaging and interactive. For instance, you can hold a quiz about your brand and offer attractive prizes to the winners. Another brilliant idea is to encourage attendees to share pictures and live videos of the event. Make sure the seminar room rental offers free Wi-Fi.

Monitor the event on-site and off-site

Generating buzz around the event does not stop once the event starts. Have two teams to monitor and record the event as it happens. The team at the venue can coordinate with the one off-site to engage with the audience and start trends. Post pictures of any special guests, and post snippets from speeches or interviews.

Invite any locally-based bloggers to cover your event. Offer free tickets and other incentives like discounts on your products and so on. The best part about inviting bloggers is that you could get a share of their niche audience. Get in contact with them and have them blog and generate interest about your event, days in advance.