How to Drive more Attendees to Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event could be a stressful affair. You need to start with preparations well in advance. Training room rentals need to be evaluated. Content needs to be prepared and presentations need to be planned. But most importantly, RSVPs have to be confirmed at the earliest. The success of the event would largely depend on the number of attendees you can attract. So, how do you attract more people? Here are some helpful tips.

Take to social media

Social media is the best platform for publicizing your event. Start by creating a Facebook page and invite prospective attendees. Seek RSVPs on the Facebook platform. If your event targets a specific industry segment, using a professional interface like LinkedIn can also be of help. You can also use question and answer links and hashtags on Twitter for creating a buzz around your event.

Present a clear agenda in your invite

Presenting a clear agenda of what your program is all about, provides that much needed clarity to your attendees. Chalk out the entire event with food breaks, discussion sessions and so on. Be precise and specific. Vague information can end up confusing your guests. Once they know the specific time slots, the breaks and so on, they would have a clear understanding of what they can expect.

Make ticket buying easy

Use a convenient ticketing platform for your guests so that they don’t get irritated with the steps involving the process of ticket purchase. Often times, guests who consider the process too lengthy, leave it in between thinking they would do it later. However, most of them simply forget!

Choose a convenient location

When you opt for seminar room rental or training room rental, make sure you choose a convenient location. It should not be too far from the city. The best place could be somewhere close to the city’s business centers.

Make sure you plan a complete strategy for publicizing your event across the city. Choices would largely depend on the kind of budget you have in mind.