How to Engage Seasoned Professionals in Your Training Room

Getting older, experienced employees to join your training programs can be a tough job. Managers and senior professionals often stress that their skills and information is up-to-date. Convincing them is even tougher when younger trainers are coaching seasoned officials.

Even though they might be competent at their job, training is required to introduce new platforms, or keep them in sync with technology. When you rent a seminar room for your employee base, you have to engage seasoned professionals into training as well. Here is how to do it.

Establish an actual need for training

Seasoned employees present a stiff resistance to training because they don’t see any reason for it. The employer must create a system that clearly lays down the objectives of training right at the outset. This can be done by putting them in a situation that can prove to be challenging. It could be anything, from case study analysis, exercises, and even demonstration.

Senior employees can often prove woefully resistant to learning advanced applications of technology. Approach seasoned employees individually, and never make assumptions. When you rent a training room that is located close to the office, and is comfortable and technology-compatible, you instantly win them over.

Make it a give-and-take event

Knowledge sharing is a brilliant reason why seasoned employees will instantly get ready to undergo training. Hold the training program as a collaborative event where different levels of employees come together to share knowledge. This will keep seasoned employees from feeling anxious about being coached by younger employees.

An increasing number of businesses have successfully managed to equip their senior workforce with necessary tools and information. Include interactive and personalized workshops and focus on sustainability to make it more effective. In order to make the most of modern platforms and mediums of training, ask for unlimited internet connectivity when you rent seminar rooms. Your training program should be an event they look forward to. Having water coolers, convenient access to washrooms, and food stalls is a good idea.

Address reservations in the right manner

Veterans with copious amounts of industry knowledge and experience with the organization will often back traditional methods to resist training. Address this sort of an objection by sharing with them the shift in the customer-business relationship. Senior employees also object to training programs because of their apparent monotony. Address this objection by creating courses that are relevant, focused, and multi-dimensional.

Expert tips on coaching seasoned employees

• Allow them some time so that they can build trust. Tell them that training will result in increased productivity, less supervision, and share success metrics with them.
• Enlighten them on how their development goals are aligned with organizational objectives and strategies.
• Keep the door of mutual sharing of information open at all times.
• Provide a concrete plan of how the training is going to benefit your seasoned employees. Videos can be used to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses. Provide examples from other fields/industries to demonstrate how the best in the business keep updating their skills.

Rent training rooms that facilitate the usage of cutting edge technology, in order to invite on-training responses to survey/poll questions.