How to Approach a Busy Speaker for Your Event

You’ve selected a theme for your upcoming event, booked a training room rental, and finalized a guest list. The only thing standing between you and your successful conference is a perfect speaker. In fact, you’ve already listed five of your favorite speakers. The problem is…You are intimidated by the thought of contacting someone out of the blue.

Is there really a proven way to make your favorite speakers say yes?

Good question. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee but if you follow the below tips, you’re more likely get a positive response from your favorite speaker.

1. Ask yourself for more clarity

Seriously, before approach a potential speaker, make sure you know what exactly you want from them. Where is the seminar room rental? Is the location easy to reach? What topic you want them speak about? Who is the audience? Roughly how many people are attending? Knowing what exactly you need makes asking easier.

2. What’s in it for them?

Nobody care about what you need. People are more interested in knowing what they can get from you. As simple as it sounds, it’s difficult for most of us to resist the urge of (you guessed it) talking about ourselves. The way to go is just the opposite. When pitching to your potential speaker, focus more on what they can gain from your event.

3. Follow up

Whatever tools you use to reach out to your potential speakers, the key is to keep patience. Understand that most sought-after speakers are extremely busy. Just because they haven’t responded to you first, second or third email doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Keep trying in a humble way. If you don’t get a response after 10 attempts, however, move on and start chasing another speaker from your list. Also, how you plan your emails or cold calls is more important than you think.