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Tips to Improve Your Company Culture

Setting a high standard for your company’s culture is imperative to employee retention and productive recruitment. Surveys reveal that companies that successfully achieve this can reduce staff turnover by more than 50%. The first step is to define your initial vision and mission and to communicate them to the employees. Right from using technology for boosting communication, to investing in the right training room rental, everything must be done to improve company culture. Here are 7 ways to do it.

Make transparency a policy

Transparency is positive not only for employees, but for the company. The reason why it makes a positive impact is that it allows employees honest insights into the operations of the company. Many also contend that it wins over employees’ trust. One way to embrace transparency is to implement modern collaboration and communication tools. Start a culture where successes and challenges are openly shared with employees.

Valuable contributions must be rewarded

Companies with a recognition-rich culture often have extremely low staff turnover rates. The first step is to identify certain behaviors and outcomes aligned with company success. These behaviors and outcomes must be regularly rewarded. However, do not make employee recognition too hard to achieve. Encourage peer recognition to reduce managerial overhead and build stronger relationships between coworkers.

Encourage strong relations between coworkers

It is true that stronger relationship at work is crucial for employee engagement, but it takes effort. Establish collision spaces for employee bonding. These can lead to chance encounters and unplanned interactions between coworkers, which actually improves performance. Work on engineering such spaces and situations.

Practice employee learning and training

A positive company culture also fosters the further training of employees. It not only boosts employee morale and increased productivity, but requires less supervision. Successful organizations provide 40 hours of training on a yearly basis. Companies commonly rent classrooms for employee training as well. Make sure your training room rental company provides facilities like 24X7 internet, electricity outlets, water cooler facilities and the like.

Allow employees to manage themselves

Employees never like to be micromanaged or excessively controlled at the workplace. It only does harm to company culture. Provide the right kind of training to help employees manage their responsibilities themselves. Flexible working hours, autonomous project teams, and opportunities for decision-making are a few ways to encourage employee autonomy. This can also help with establishing a healthy work-life balance.

Give and ask for regular feedback

Feedback shouldn’t be limited to the time when you rent classroom and provide training. Often, employees complain about getting vague and inauthentic feedback. Some employees fail to meet the organization’s expectations, and constructive feedback can help rectify any mistakes. Even more important is to provide it regularly, and not just at the end of the year.

Remember your core values

It is important to identify your core values first. They are much more than just your bulleted list of points on your ‘about us’ page. Take your time to arrive at a genuine set of core values to abide by in the years to come. Do not include something in this set just because it sounds trendy. A company’s core values will be those that align better to its goals.