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Tips for Training Hiring Managers

If you think hiring managers do not need training, think again. Many business owners believe that their hiring managers need to improve their interviewing skills. One way to do that is by giving them interview training. However, arranging training for hiring managers is no easy feat. There could be resistance from your managers and several other obstacles. For instance, you may need to rent a separate conference room for training your managers. When choosing a training room rental or seminar room rental company, you need to consider the company’s background, reputation and the facilities they offer. Here are some tips for training your hiring managers.

Encourage your hiring managers to improve their interview skills

This is easier said than done. Most hiring managers believe they’ve already mastered the skills of interviewing, and there is no scope for improvement. So it would be challenging to convince them that they need training. To break the resistance, you should provide specific examples of areas for improvement. For instance, you can conduct a session to stress the importance of structured interviews.

Share a checklist

It is important to prepare a checklist for interviewers and share it with them. That way, you can have all your hiring managers follow a standard format for interviewing. For instance, you can clearly mention whether questions about the company’s mission, vision and values are allowed during an interview.

Help them identify biases

Many hiring managers do not even know they have hidden biases. For instance, some managers may prefer candidates from a particular school or college, while others may have biases towards a particular community or candidates from a particular background. Most hiring managers are unaware of their biases. During the training session, you can have them participate in a survey or puzzle game, which would help them discover their biases.