Top Lighting Tips for Your Corporate Event

One of the strongest mediums available for transforming your event into an elegant and exciting one is lighting. Opting for an assortment of impressive and technically superior lighting fixtures and patterns is therefore extremely important. So, right after you finalize your training room rental, the first thing to think about is the lighting scheme for the event. We look at some useful tips that can help you in choosing the correct lighting theme for your event.

Finalize on a layout

Once you have all the facts related to your event ready, the first step towards creating a perfect lighting scheme is to develop a computer-aided design program. You need a complete layout that takes into consideration all tables, the performance arena or stage, the area designated for video projection, the buffet tables or any other inclusions that you might have. Once the layout is ready, you can refer to it at any point in time while finalizing your lighting choices.

Settle for colorful LEDs

LEDs consume about ten times less electricity for producing the same degree of light. Naturally, they are much more cost effective as compared to tungsten bulbs. Using a mix of colorful lighting that can be controlled electronically for creating the desired shade is a great idea. Prior to the advent of this technology, a colored gel would have to be placed before an incandescent lighting fixture for creating the desired impact. However, this was a grossly cumbersome mechanism. Colored LEDs allow a great deal of flexibility and are extremely easy to operate as well.

Lighting the walls and the ceilings

Once you have finalized your seminar room rental, one of the best ways to transform it is to use a single lighting color for washing the walls and settling on another shade for washing the ceiling. You can use a geometric pattern or a theme pattern or even a four fixture project for creating an impact. You can also stick to a symmetrical pattern like a series of palm trees for instance for adorning the walls.

Pixel mapping is a great choice too

One of the technologies related to LED lighting is pixel mapping. As this equipment can be created in miniscule sizes, they can be fitted very close together and they also have the ability of changing the quality of lighting instantly. This technology is known as pixel mapping and finds a myriad of creative applications.

Do not forget the stage

Filling light and color across the stage platform is a great way to add that much needed zing to your event. You can use the “stage wash” technique for making your stage stand out. Tilting the stage lights down, for instance is one of the ways to make the event stand out. It helps in bringing the focus to the stage or the performance area and urges the audience to divert their attention towards it.

One of the best ways of getting the lighting right could be to engage a professional lighting consultant. However, these simple tips can also help you to create an impact with your personal lighting choices.