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3 top coaching tips that work in the workplace

Increasingly, many managers are finding it difficult to motivate and develop their staff. As there exists many personalities and characters within a team on a working basis, it is not easy to determine how to obtain the optimal performance from a diverse group of personalities in a team.

Nevertheless, it is still the responsibility of the managers to build an environment so that the staff are motivated. Many managers discover that they are able to better coach their team members, they will receive results than other styles. Below are 3 coaching tips that will work and lead to better team performance.

1) Self assessment

When you ask your staff to assess their own performance against a set of pre-defined parameters and Key performance indicators, it helps them to identify where they currently stand, and helps them to take stock of their performance. Let them uncover areas that they know about themselves, give them opportunities to discover their own strengths and weaknesses and areas of growth and improvement as this will assist in encouraging personal responsibility and accountability on their personal working performance.

2) Inspire your team with a vision

Give your team worthwhile and meaningful goals, things that excites and you will see performance almost immediately. The keyword here is worthwhile and meaningful. Hence, there has to be goals, objectives that spice your team members up, otherwise a job is just a job and you can expect to receive only mediocre performance from your team.

3) Set challenging expectations but provide small milestones that encourage along the way

Just like driving, if it is a long straight road and the goal is so far away. It is hard to remain continuously motivated. Do provide intermediate milestones, quick win targets and celebrate them as this will keep your team members further motivated as they know they are a step forward towards success of reaching their bigger goals.

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