9 Interesting Training Activities for Business Organizations

A successful Training seminar eventWith the development and advancement of time, the methods for training and educating have drastically changed. Instead of reading literature, people now focus more on infographics and interactive activities top help them improve their skills while learning the traits of a profession.
Understandably, trainers have also updated and equipped themselves with the latest training techniques and trends.
Recognizing the value of the modern training methods, training room rental services have also upgraded as per the requirement of trainers and trainees.
Most important addition to the modern training activities is the element of fun. Trainees find it more interesting to learn through games and quizzes about important organizational traits. Here in this article, we will put light on some of those intriguing training activities that promise polishing of skills towards becoming better professionals.

1. Clean Sweep

This activity is for professionals from all levels. It emphasizes upon the impact of beliefs on our work. It teaches how your beliefs can affect your performance as an organization. It requires at least four people in each of the groups that participate in this activity.

2. Your Excellence

This game is about improving the work quality of an organization. It works on the model of European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM). It involves playing cards and is intended for a minimum group size of two members.

3. Business Laboratory

This activity is based on the imagining power of individuals. Players resolve a hypothetical problem and come up with solutions through practical and fictional scientific solutions. It is a great activity to enhance critical thinking and problem solving.

4. Feast or Famine

The participants are given a situation where the revenues of the company face a major drop. The employees now have to extract the best performance from the remaining limited funds. This game works well for crisis management skills as it helps the trainees to react in emergency situations.

5. I Object

In this activity, participants come up with arguments and propositions regarding a hypothetical or realistic policy or issue. It improves cognitive powers of an individual as they formulate their objections on the basis of pure logic, facts and figures.

6. Interestingly Boring

This is an innovative game where participants pair words with contradictory meanings. This lets them create new words which they can use within the organization as code words. It seems quite an interesting game as the name itself suggests.

7. Mix and Match

This game helps the participants to understand how miscommunication can lead to disasters. It involves verbal and non-verbal communication. It also helps participants to develop trust over their partners and colleagues.

8. Question of Taste

This is an interesting game where players and participants assign food as a metaphor to their business. They then add and remove ingredients for improving taste which in turn is addition and subtraction of policies and decisions to improve the business plans of the organization.

9. Story Time

For this activity, classroom rental services need not to provide too many facilities. All you need is a story teller. A story is told to the listeners who then tell it to others. This is a way of interpreting how miscommunication and misinterpretation can lead to sever consequences.