How to Avoid Information Overload at Your Corporate Event

Human brains are designed to handle less than four tasks at a time. This is something that you must keep in mind before booking training room rental or classroom rental for your next corporate event. And the reason is simple! If you overload your attendees with too much information at a time, they may fail to digest it properly. What you should do, instead, is to try and provide a fun and exciting learning experience to your attendees. Here are some useful tips.

Provide a clear and brief overview

You can hand out a leaflet or brochure to each attendee at the start of your event. The leaflet or brochure should outline the agenda of your event, including name of speakers and the key areas of focus. This is a great way to let your attendees know what to expect from the event. They can even prepare themselves mentally before the speech or presentation starts.

Plan enough short breaks

Avoid back to back sessions, so that your attendees can take a break between two sessions. If it is a long session, you can even break it into multiple small units and allow multiple short breaks within one session. The duration of the break should be neither too short nor too long. One 10-minute break after every half an hour is a good rule of thumb. However, you can extend or shorten the duration of the break, depending on factors, such as, complexity of the subject.

Encourage conversation between attendees

When two or more attendees talk about what they just learnt, it helps them digest the information more easily. So you should actually encourage them to initiate a conversation with each other. This will definitely help them rehash and have more clarity on the topic.

Change the setting

You can also help your participants digest the information by changing the setting frequently. Look for a training room rental that has multiple meeting rooms or conference halls, so you can move to a different room or setting after every few hours. The change in visual keeps an element of surprise and helps your attendees concentrate on the topic.

Limit the number of speakers

It is never a good idea to invite more than three speakers on the same day. In fact, some organizers do not even want to invite two speakers on the same day. If you think, more speakers are required to cover all angles of the topic; you should extend the number of days rather than squeezing more speakers into a single day. Leave your attendees wanting for more rather than tiring them out with too much information.

Bring variety in the way you provide information

The same information can be given many ways. For instance, you can use images and videos to put the message across. Bringing variety in the way you present your information is a great way to keep your audience engaged and have then digest information more easily.

Another good idea would be to arrange games for your attendees, so that they can recall the information in a fun way.