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    Terms and Conditions
    Training Room Sg offers exceptional facilities for your next event. We kindly appeal to you to take note of the following terms and conditions for room hire and equipment usage which shall be contractually binding upon you when you register for booking for the training facility.

    A. Training Centre Location
    Training Room Sg is conveniently located at:
    Park Mall, 9 Penang Road, #11-14 ( small room ) and #13-14 ( big room ), Singapore 238459

    B. Bookings / Payment:
    Tentative Bookings:
    Training Room Sg will hold tentative bookings prior to the event until there is another request for the training room by another client. At that time Training Room Sg will endeavour to contact the client holding the temporary booking to confirm. Upon confirmation, normal booking terms and conditions will apply.

    No booking is confirmed until a completed booking form along with a full payment has been received by Training Room Sg. A confirmation of the booking receipt, in the form of an email, will then be sent to you from Training Room Sg

    Payment :
    Under all circumstances, full payment shall be made before commencement of room usage. It is only when full payment has been made then does the contract for rental of the training facility is bound. Failing which, there will not be a contract between Training Room Sg and client.

    C. Cancellations
    Once full payment is made, there shall be no cancellations i.e. no refunds will be made to the client regardless of the circumstances, if any. However, if Training Room Sg is able to find a replacement client, then will the client be allowed reschedule to another date for the rental of training facility. If the client does not wish to reschedule, then a 50% refund will be made to the client.

    D. Facilities ( Tables and Chairs ) and Flip Board
    For your convenience, the Training Facility is complete with up to 16 banquet tables. (Dimension (mm) 1500 x 450 x 760) and 32 chairs made available to the client for classroom seating arrangement for the big room.  For seminar seating arrangement, up to 50 chairs will be made available.  Clients who wish to make any changes to the seating arrangement may change the arrangement as they deem fit. Tables are foldable and the chairs are stackable. If the client does not wish to utilize all the tables and chairs, unused tables may either be folded or placed to the side while unused chairs may be stacked or placed to the side as deem fit by the client. One flip board will be made available for big room only. For the small room, up to 11 banquet tables will be made available and up to 36 chairs for seminar style seating arrangement.

    E. AV Equipment:
    The following Audio Visual equipment is included in the Hire Charge:
    • Two Data Projectors ( big room only ) and white wall as screen (one installed facing the breadth of the room anrd stand/flip chart ( big room only ).
    • One portable amplifier with microphone ( rental charges apply ).

    F. Stationaries/ Bottle water :
    4 marker pens (red, blue, black and green) will be provided. Any additional materials needed such as: Flip Chart paper, pens, pencils, A4 paper  can be ordered from Training Room Sg and charges will be applied accordingly.

    G. Access to training room and seating arrangement:
    For first time usage, Training Room Sg’s staff will be present to assist you and brief you on the usage of the room. For subsequent usage, you will be given a one-time password via SMS to gain access to the room. Once the time session of the booking is over, the onus is on you to ensure that the room is locked. The room is secured by means of computerised door access and a CCTV camera which is fitted at the entrance of the door. The password will be changed accordingly after the booking session is over.

    H. Damages to equipment, chairs and tables:
    All equipment, chairs and tables are available for the client’s usage within the agreed renting hours. If any damages are found, as a result of due negligence, to the equipment after client’s usage, you shall be liable to pay for the damages caused. However, the client is not held accountable if faults due to normal wear and tear.

    I. Cleaning/ Food and Drinks:
    Under all circumstances, no food and drinks are to be consumed in the training facility except for water. Should you not require so many tables or chairs, you may stack it up. A water dispenser with plastic cups for cold water will be provided on complimentary basis.

    J. Decorations:
    Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, taped or affixed onto any of the walls, doors, or ceilings in the Training Centre. Blue Tack is an acceptable material but must be removed along with any other displayed materials upon completion of your session.

    K. Insurance:
    Training Room Sg takes no responsibility for any damage(s) to or loss of the client’s property before, during and after an event. Clients are to advise all their participants to keep their personal belongings with them at all times. Also, clients need to ensure that they are covered by their own insurance for any valuable items.