Face-to-Face Corporate Learning in Post Covid-19

After weeks and weeks of stern restrictions, Singapore has slowly relaxed the lockdown measures. Yet, reopening will not be the same. This pandemic has changed the business environment of different industries. But we need to strengthen our adaptability to these unprecedented times and ensure success in the learning and development of the employees.

Though there has been a transition from a traditional classroom to a virtual classroom, we cannot deny the struggles in online training. Hence, we need to re-organize our strategies in order to continually achieve the company goals through safe face-to-face training – in the company training rooms or in the training room rental spaces.

Here are the guidelines on how to create a safe environment for your participants:

Space utilization
Space planning should be the primary concern in the physical setup. Floors should be marked to assist physical distancing. A distance of at least two seats must be observed at all times. Consider appropriate markings on the walls, restrooms, in the lobby, and other common areas.

Health and safety checks
Attendance should be denied if an individual manifests a fever (37.5 °C or more) or other flu-like symptoms. In case of any appearance of the symptoms during the session, promptly inform the staff members. For any history of COVID-19 infection, a medical certificate should be presented.

Contact tracing
In every activity, there should be a record of all attendees and their contact details. That will be of use in case any participants develop COVID-19 symptoms.

Care and storage of personal belongings
There is still uncertainty in transmissibility from contaminated inanimate surfaces like fabric. Therefore, clothes like jackets and coats should not be placed on chairs or sofas. Have a dedicated area for that.

Provisions of personal hygiene and protective equipment
Encourage your attendees to frequently wash their hands or use alcohol rubs. Equip your place with hand wash stations and alcohol-based sanitizers in the corners, entrance, or wherever possible. Instructions on how to rub and wash hands should be posted.

Wearing a facial mask should be advised for the entire duration of the training activities including breaks to prevent the spread of viruses. Recommend them to bring their own food where possible, personal cutleries and tumblers as well.

Management of physical distancing during training activities
If activities are necessary, recommend an interval of their arrival and a reduced number of participants to allow a minimum physical distancing of 2 meters. They could instead deliver more editions of the given activity.

Cleaning and disinfection
There should be a regular cleaning and periodic sanitization of the premises including the workstations and common areas, most frequently touched surfaces like drawer handles, tables, and knobs. Proper ventilation must always be guaranteed to avoid the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

Proper coordination
If you happen to rent seminar room to facilitate your discussions, meetings, or training, you have to coordinate with the management regarding your preferred set-up.

This is a reference guide in managing the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. A strict implementation is required to warrant the safety of every individual.

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Training room rental singapore seating

5 Benefits of Classroom Rental

Are you a corporate trainer who wants to impart your technical skills but has no decent place for a workshop? Or a tutor who is looking for a convenient place to conduct a class? If you want to extend a quality service, whether it’s corporate or academic, a classroom rental would be an excellent idea.

Some of the advantages of renting a space for your business are:

To Establish a Professional Image
Conducting a session at home is possible. But having the sound of a crying baby or a barking dog in the background would not be an impressive structure. Ensure that the venue is well-equipped and away from destruction to make the environment conducive for teaching and learning.

To Conserve Time
Constructing your own classroom for your tutorial services or a training studio for your discussion is a good investment. However, instead of offering your services the soonest so you can start earning, you’ll have to buy time while the construction is ongoing. So, a training room rental would be the best option.

To Save Money
Starting your own business requires sufficient funds. So, if you think your funds are not enough for the construction, renting would save you. This helps you reduce the cost in building a facility.

Plus, the necessary equipment like tables, chairs, microphone, speaker, projector screen, wifi connectivity and other amenities are already provided. All you have to do is to begin the admission process for your students.

To Provide A Strategic Location
One of the many factors to consider when buying a piece of land for the business is the accessibility. But finding the perfect one is not easy. Hence, renting a facility gives you the freedom to choose wherever is accessible to your students, transport routes, schools, and places to relax during breaks.

Besides, when you have finally decided which one works for you, you can run your classes for a long-term. That means, you don’t have to think where to find a good location each day.

To Easily Scale Up
Organizing a lecture at home will eventually lead to a drawback. Once the number of attendees increases and your area is small, you will have to look for another venue. This would be inconvenient for you and your students, unlike settling to a place where you already know that it can cater a large audience.

Renting a space would give you peace of mind. It will allow you to focus on teaching rather than managing everything from selecting a property, constructing the establishment, purchasing equipment and furniture, having the internet connected, hiring employees, up to planning for the course. It’s convenient and cost-effective. It also looks more professional than a home set-up.

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Tips for An Effective Training Room Set-Up

Aside from preparing your course content, training materials, and icebreakers, a trainer should also consider the seating arrangement and overall room setup especially for seminars. It is vital that the room is suited to the design of your session in order to avoid any discomforts and destructions from your learners.

A disorganized, uncomfortable, and limited space would simply drag your presentation no matter how interesting and educational it is. To help you address any of these issues, this article would discuss how to effectively arrange the room to improve learning.

Always remember that your room arrangement should align with your goals and the number of participants. Ask these questions to yourself:

How many will attend?

Knowing the number of participants will give you an idea of how big or small the room you need to take up – whether your conference room in the office will suffice or there is a necessity for a training room rental or seminar room rental.

Will the participants see the presenter and the presentation?

You spent nights working on your visual aids or slides yet your audience finds it hard to read everything on it. They don’t even see you and your body language on one side. Thus, having a clear sight will help them absorb the visual component of your message.

Is the surface provided enough for necessary supplies?

Think about what devices, tools or activities you want your participants to engage in. Do they need to jot down important notes, use laptops, brainstorm, have their snacks, or do a little exercise? So, give them some space and use chairs that are suitable for writing (if note-taking is encouraged).

Will the audience feel comfortable?

You have to consider whether your audience needs to actively work together after every presentation or they are just fine to face the presenter for the whole duration of the event. If they need to constantly twist around or break up into smaller circles by rearranging the chairs, you have to arrange them where they could easily maneuver within the space. Providing a comfortable framework will help them focus on learning.

What is the needed range?

Evaluate if your audience is too close or too far from the presenter, the screen, or with each other. Proper spacing is essential to boost and maintain the attention of your learners.

Is the seating arrangement conducive for learning?

If you have a large audience, you have to consider a positioning that can be easily scaled up. If you have 5-10 people, opt for a setup that supports open communication.

To implement the above factors, you need to check the seminar room rental fee and availability, coordinate with the venue, arrive there earlier than the participants, ensure seats are as planned, remove unnecessary seats, and check if visuals, materials, and equipment are functioning and complete. With these useful tips, you’ll be able to create a healthy learning environment.


Workplace Management Seminars: The Advantages of Going to Them

Workplace management workshops come in a number of various formats, you will typically discover that they are accompanied with a big number of advantages.

One of the numerous advantages to going to workplace management workshops is that you are able to discover brand-new workplace management techniques, methods, techniques, and pointers. As you most likely currently understand, workplace management methods frequently differ from business to business, as well as from workplace supervisor to workplace supervisor.

Workplace management workshops do differ, it is essential to keep in mind that lots of are frequently run by specialists. These specialists frequently have years of workplace management experience, years investigating upgraded workplace management strategies, as well as years of training. Often they do their trainings in training room rental or seminar room rental, for a change in the environment.

The capability to network with other workplace supervisors or others in the field of workplace management is another one of the lots of advantages to participating in workplace management workshops. Networking is likewise crucial must you want to alter profession fields or if you are looking for a workplace supervisor task with another business.

Another advantage to participating in workplace management workshops is one that you might not provide any though to, however it is one that you can benefit from exceptionally. Whether you participate in a workplace management workshop that lasts one week or just a day, it might do you excellent to get out of the workplace. In addition to finding out the most current in the field of workplace management, going to a workplace management workshop can get you a required break from the workplace.

Possibly, the only disadvantage to going to workplace management workshops is their expense. To guarantee that your cash or your business’s cash is not lost, you will desire to thoroughly pick all workplace management workshops to go to.

If you have an interest in participating in a workplace management workshop or if you are a company owner who want to have your workplace supervisor participate in among these advantageous workshops, you will wish to keep your ears and eyes open. Info on workplace management workshops can quickly be discovered online or in company publications or journals. Simply make certain to protect an appointment well beforehand, as workplace management workshops are understood for their appeal.

Self-Improvement Workshop For Great Leaders

We can all end up being leaders and likewise fans. Both are necessary however the leader sets the fine example for his/her fans. A great leader has an excellent fan.

Possibly you must have a self-improvement workshop if you believe you are not a great leader.

Self-improvement workshop for leaders is training them to be great to the fans.

There are a range of self-improvement workshop for you. Management training workshop is the finest for you. You should establish as well the training room rental, seminar room rental.

In order to be an excellent leader, one should have numerous qualities that will draw in fans.  The following qualities are simply of few of the lots of qualities that are crucial for efficient management:

1. Charm – charming leaders have the present to touch individuals through their option of words. Charming leaders are appealing, lovely and can motivate fans to support a grand vision or concept.

2. Favorable Mindset – A leader who has a favorable mindset will affect his/her fans to bring that exact same mindset. A fine example of a leader with a favorable mindset might be a moms and dad or instructor.

Moms, dads, or primary instructors are and appear deemed good example to the kids they are supporting and teaching.

These good example are the very first leaders they come across in life. Due to the fact that they are their lorries to the outdoors world and supply much required assistance and help, kids end up being extremely reliant of leaders.
They will grow under this motivation if a moms and dad is enjoying and supporting to their kid.

If a school instructor offers a favorable knowing experience to the kid, they will prosper which success will end up being infectious … In any situation, a leader’s favorable mindset will have higher effect and impact on their fans.

3. Inspiration – In an athletic world, an inspiring leader might be a coach, fitness instructor or perhaps a fellow colleague. While the skill of gamers is a great factor of a winning group, their coach is likewise an essential aspect.

His task is at stake if a coach can not produce a winning group. A coach’s inspiration includes instilling his gamers with high requirements, and setting achievable however difficult objectives as they carry out well. Hence, his/her capability to encourage his gamers will boost their efficiencies.

Inspiration likewise associates with having a favorable mindset. When a coach has a favorable mindset and supplies a favorable environment for his gamers, then the group will more than likely be encouraged to relocate his/her instructions where supreme success can be discovered.

4. Assertiveness – A leader has the obligation to assist the instructions of his/her business. When a leader is assertive and firm in handing over jobs to his subordinates, they will hold a higher regard to follow through on their projects.

An assertive leader has the capability to communicate enforcement without being threatening or too autocratic to their subordinates.

Rather, an assertive leader ought to appreciate his individuals, and need correct responsibility at the very same time. With that regard, individuals are much more most likely to follow, assist, and imitate their leader to accomplish success.

Self-improvement is essential for leaders. Going to self-improvement workshops might be an excellent assistance in being a great leader.


3 More Rules of a Successful Training Program

Not all companies are created equal. Consequently, their training requirements vary. So a one-size-fits-all training strategy won’t work for every company. However, most training programs need to follow certain rules to be successful in their mission.

So, just before you start searching for training room rental or classroom rental, have a look at three more rules of a successful training program.

1. Go for micro trainings
As human beings, our attention-span for any certain subject is really short. But, a training program requires a lot of attention and engagement. In situations like this, micro training comes into play. Basically, in micro training you do everything but in a less time consuming and more engaging way.

Topics are more to the point and hence, easier to deliver. Micro learning is also more interesting since it delivers all the key points in less time. Hence, make sure to implement micro training in your classroom rental.

2. Have a system for measuring improvements
Make sure to check the improvement curve of your employees or attendees after the training program. Most people love to work in an environment which will help them grow. With that in mind, create a training program that adds to the attendees’ professional growth. Make use of the maximum potential of your employees.

A good training program will enhance their confidence and boost their satisfaction in your company. This will also result in improved productivity for your employees.

3. Arrange post training session
Post training sessions are a very important part of a successful training program. These sessions will determine the way your training session created an impact on your employees.

Take a note of how every individual perceived the program. Make sure to ask questions, make an assessment of how the training aligned with the objectives of the company. Have a good communication system with your employees. The more frank your employees are, the more productive this program will be.


3 Rules of a Successful Training Program

One of the key factors behind the success of a company is their highly trained employees. Employees who are well aware of the nitty-gritty of any certain project always prove to be more efficient.

But a successful training requires a lot of introspection and decision-making. So, just before you get ready to training room rental or seminar room rental, follow these rules for creating a successful training program.

1. Identify priorities
The first thing you should do when creating a successful training program is to identify your company’s priorities. Make a note of objectives that need to be checked and start working on it. This note should most definitely contain time management, building communication skills, project management etc. Time is very valuable.

Hence, managing time will help to reduce missed deadlines, stress and poor work quality. Again, there should an easy flow of communication among your employees. So, make sure to include communication course when you training room rental.

2. Make an action plan
Now that you are closely aware of your priorities, start building your action plan. First and foremost, rent a seminar room. Make sure that all the required resources for your training are available to you.

The training delivery methods also should be up-to-date. Keep your video and audio files ready for presentation. Recheck your training styles. Modify them if needed. Also, remember to keep a feedback session in your training program schedule. That will help in future improvements.

3. Put your effort into life
Now that you have sorted your priorities and have a solid plan for everything, it is time to implement your plans. Launch the training program. Talk about the program with your employees and industry insiders.

Monitor every individual carefully during the training sessions. If possible, ask them to share their feedback and suggestions. This will help you gauge the impact of your training.

event management

3 More Tips on Building a Resilient Team

The process of building a resilient team should start from the recruitment stage. Some candidates are naturally resilient while others need some training to be resilient. But before you start looking for training room rental or classroom rental, here are a few more tips on building a resilient team.

1. Foster teamwork and collaboration
As the saying goes, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”. When all your team members work together toward a common goal, they are more likely to accomplish that goal. As an employer or manager, you job is to create an environment of collaboration. For instance, create a smart system to delegate and assign tasks.

Establish channels of collaboration. Everyone should be able to voice their opinions without feeling fearful. They should be open with each other and talk about their adversities without hesitation. Unity in the team also gives rise to confidence among members. That is because they are aware that each one of them will be fulfilling their part of the roles as best as they can.

2. Have a backup plan
Nobody can predict the future. No matter how you plan, workplace snafus are almost unavoidable. That’s why you need a backup plan. For instance, if someone from your IT team calls in sick, someone else from your other teams should take over his responsibilities.

Make sure to keep every team member in the loop about what is going on. Even when dividing the responsibilities, let everyone know about every point. That will reduce stress among your team members.

3. Start with yourself
Good leaders lead by example. Check how resilient you are when it comes to challenges and difficulties. Your team will always follow suit when they start working.

Be honest about all the difficulties and challenges that you face. Sharing such experiences will make your team more confident about you. Additionally, they will also feel more valuable and connect more easily with you.

3 Tips on Building a Resilient Team

Building a resilient team takes time and effort. Your team’s ability to fight back when faced with a difficult situation depends on how open, candid, humble, compassionate and resourceful they are.

Thanks to the pandemic, the need for developing a resilient team has never been so urgent. The good news is that resilience is a skill that your team members can learn or develop. But before you training room rental, seminar room rental, here are some important points you should keep in mind.

1. Encourage your team to stay connected
One of the most important features of a resilient team is connection. A strong connection between employees and the employer act as a confidence booster. Happy employees will be more productive and loyal towards their work.

As a result, they will be more resilient and tackle difficult situations with ease. Make sure to rent training room more frequently for meeting and sessions with your team. It is also important to motivate your employees to collaborate outside of work.

2. Give access to information
Your team should have the access to all the information that they need. A resilient team should be aware of every policy of both client and company. Also, members should discuss information with each other.

This will help the ones who were unaware of a certain piece of information. Emphasize on the importance of sharing information. For example, if one is unaware of a certain policy of a client, the other person can pitch in and resolve the issue.

3. Focus on optimism
At certain times, there will be challenges which will be extreme. The main focus is to be optimistic even on those times. Staying positive will enhance the performance of the employees.

Alongside, optimism will also help in keeping your employees healthy. This will also give them the idea that there is a strong support system in their workplace.

3 More Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

If you are one of those managers or employers who say, “There’s a reason it’s called work,” chances are your employee turnover rate is high. Granted, work is a serious mater but work can also be enjoyable at the same time. We spend most of our life working. So it makes sense to find happiness and satisfaction in the job that we do.

While employees can do their bit in making work enjoyable for them, you as an employer can also take some steps to improve employee satisfaction. Simple things like booking training room rental or seminar room rental for employee training sessions can go a long way to make your employees happy and satisfied at work.

We already shared some tips on how to boost employee satisfaction. Here are some more tips.

1. Conduct surveys
It is not easy to gauge employee satisfaction. You may often mistakenly believe that all of your employees are happy. However, the reality could be different. To find out the truth, consider conducting surveys on your employees. For instance, you can ask them to rate their job satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10.

2. Give and receive feedback
You probably already give feedback to your employees. But do you also receive feedback from them? Feedback should be a two way process.

Also, do you give them feedback in real time? Delaying defeats the real purpose of feedback, which is to encourage your employees to rectify their mistakes and learn and grow.

3. Encourage socialization
Work can become boring when you don’t get a chance to share your ideas with others. Your employees should also socialize outside of work. For instance, you can celebrate employee birthdays or organize gaming sessions to encourage your employees to interact with each other more frequently.

Seminars and training sessions also give them an opportunity to socialize. So when you book training room rentals or seminar room rentals, make sure the rooms have a dedicated space where the attendees can engage and interact with each other.