Tips to decorate your classroom to enhance its learning environment

Once the year end school holidays comes to an end, besides preparing their curriculum for the next term, teachers are usually also busy brainstorming and preparing their classroom to invite their students back into school.

As it is always plain if students come into class excitedly yet the walls are white and plain without any vivid designs. Actually decorating the classroom can be fun if you know what kind of personality you want to give your classroom and the kind of learning environment you want to put your students in.

That said, it might not be very useful if the teacher merely achieve by having a warm, academic tone. And often, most teachers are able to achieve this standard. As you set up your classroom the next time, ask yourself the kind of atmosphere that you want your students to learn in. This question will also encompass thinking about the kind of decorations on the wall, as they should serve a learning purpose, that is, a tool or instrument for learning, not merely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Below are some tips to decorate your classroom to maximize the learning effects of the learning environment.

1. Put up posters
Posters provide opportunities for information absorption passively. While student listen to you during class, and they learn from you. But when class is over, posters with information displayed around the class is most useful. They will help to enhance what they have learnt during class and since students spend many hours at school, do not underestimate posters prowess for knowledge retention.

2. Set aside a small corner to display students work
This will facilitate sharing among the students and also learn from each other the goods and not so goods. This will also instill a sense of ownership, pride and achievement when one’s work is displayed.

3. Set aside a portion of the wall decoration to forge bonding
Are there times whereby the students had fun together, overcame tasks together? Pin up those photos and help them to further forge their relationship. When the class dynamics is good and healthy, this will help in the learning environment and also help them to forge meaningful relationships. They will thank the teacher in years to come.

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