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3 More Innovative Ways to Train Your Sales People

Companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on sales training. From hiring a professional trainer to booking training room rental or classroom rental, the cost of training your salespeople could quickly add up.

Unfortunately, however, most sales training sessions are futile. That’s because the sales training techniques they use are not modern and effective. If you are planning to organize a training session for your sales team, consider using the innovative sales training methods described below.

1. Use the buddy system
Working as a unit is always more fun than working alone. Additionally, it also makes the work successful quickly and efficiently. “Buddy System” is basically a procedure where two individuals, work together as a single unit. This enables them to help and monitor each other’s works.

Business coach and author C. J. Hayden suggests that applying the buddy system into your training can boost your marketing and sales efforts. This will help make the environment of your rental training room, full of excitement. Also, it will make the newcomers more comfortable to communicate.

2. Do short sessions
Studies show that students and trainees can hold their attention for a maximum of 10 to 18 minutes. After that, the intensity of their attention starts to weaken even if they’d want to follow your lecture. That is why it would be a good idea to keep your training sessions short.

Make it engaging and informative but don’t make it longer than half an hour. If you still have to organize a long training session, be sure to slot in small but frequent breaks in between two consecutive sessions.

3. Pair the new with the seasoned
One great way to learn how to make sales is by seeing others closing deals. In order to make the most of this learning method, you can pair up a new hire with an experienced salesperson.

If possible, give them a shared quota. That way, the new hire will get an opportunity to learn from his senior.