3 More Tips for Building a Healthy Feedback Culture

Do people in your company often hesitate to give honest feedback? Even worse, are they resistant to honest feedback? If so, then maybe your company’s feedback culture needs a complete overhaul.

But here’s the thing! People don’t dislike feedback. They simply want to feel safe when giving or receiving feedback.

One of the ways to improve your feedback culture is through training. But before you training room rental or classroom rental for a training session, read here some generic tips to building a healthy feedback culture.

1. Give and receive feedback daily

Make feedback a regular activity versus a special occasion in your organization. When your team members give and receive daily feedback, it’s no longer a big deal for them. The idea is to make it feel like usual.

Plus, regular feedback helps eliminate long wait times between ‘work done’ and ‘feedback received.’ That way, it helps your team members to learn and grow fast.

2. Tailor your feedback to suit the recipient

Not every person is equally open to constructive criticism. That is exactly why you need to tailor your feedback to suit different personalities. To that end, your managers need to understand how each member in their team responds to feedback and craft a feedback message for them accordingly.

This is easier said than done. But with a little active listening, you and your team can master the art of giving feedback.

3. Use multiple channels

Different feedback channels exist for a reason. Not everyone will respond well to written feedback. Some may prefer getting feedback one-on-one, while others may feel comfortable receiving feedback as a group.

You can also consider using other feedback channels, such as 360 degrees feedback, anonymous feedback and face-to-face feedback. As a manager or employer, your job is to use a combination of all those feedback channels to encourage your team to give proper feedback, without being a jerk.