3 ways to engage your students early

In this video, super teacher Keith Hughes gives us 3 tips to engage students early. In this video, he spoke about how important it is to grab and gain authentic attention from your students or participants in your classroom or training room as this will help them to maximize their learning ability.

Remember, in this world of distraction, if you are a teacher of any field, it is really important that you can bring your students back to your world so that they can absorb what you are going to teach.

First tip

Use music. Let your students enjoy any kind of music, it can be classical, relaxing and in fact any genre as Keith Hughes as shared. The reason of doing so is to help your students snap out of whatever they were doing before they step into your classroom. And music helps tremendously.

Second Tip

Use big concept and imaginary figures on the white board. Instead of boring facts and figures, or stating the objectives of the lesson on the whiteboard, he suggested using big, exciting pictures related to the subject instead. For example, if you are going to teach about the World war 2, why not consider pulling out a nice graphic and using Photoshop or some photo editing software to act some bubbles, speech boxes, writing on the picture so that it can shine and capture your students attention when they sit down.

Third tip
Be teacher ninja. Do somersaults, cart wheels, hi fives, dance or whatever you can when your students walk into your classroom. This will strike good vibes between you and your students and importantly, when settle their attention so that they are ready for class.

Do watch the video and we hope these tips will help you to have a better, engaging session in your next class.

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