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6 Essential Pieces of Equipment You Need To Get Your First Blended Training Session Started!

What if you could start your training session by inviting a speaker to join you virtually inside a classroom rental? We all know that sourcing out a speaker or trainer to attend your face to face training session can be expensive.

You have to pay for the travel expenses, hotel accommodation, and even the transportation. So, what if you will only have to pay for the professional fee and save the rest of the cost? Sounds better, right? 

But before you rent training room and invite your participants, you have to know the things you need to get your first virtual plus face to face training session started.

Apart from the basic equipment and furniture like conference tables, ergonomic chairs, whiteboard, and electric outlet, there are 6 modern and essential pieces that will help kickstart your first blended training session. 

  1. Laptop/Computer

The laptop or computer that you’ll be using for your first virtual training session is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need.

  1. Internet Connection/Wi-fi

For the best possible quality of your virtual training session, make sure that you have an internet connection. You’ll need a strong internet connection because the trainer will be talking and streaming the presentation from the cloud to your screen. 

  1. Video Conferencing System

This is one of the key things that have changed a lot over the last few years. In the past, the only way you could communicate with people who were physically located in a different city was to meet them in person.

But now, thanks to video conferencing systems, you can get the same results by simply sitting in front of a computer. That is because this is a software-based tool which makes it possible to use the Internet and your PC to set up a conference call.

A good video conferencing system will allow you to share live screen, capture and save videos from the webcam, and share files easily. You can also use it to record video tutorials. 

  1. Digital Audio/Visual Projectors 

Digital audio/visual projectors are a necessity for any small to medium sized business or enterprise, which require to present lectures and training. DPs are a better alternative to projectors as it uses video camera technology to project video, presentations, slide shows, documents, images, and other multimedia content onto a wall or screen.

  1. Polycom Speakerphone

If you plan on conducting your training session in more than one room, you’ll need a Polycom speakerphone. It provides crystal clear phone calls during the conference, where everyone distinctly hears the conversation, making it feel like everyone is in the same room.

This kind of speakerphone is great for any virtual training session that involves people in different locations because it’s easy to set up and operate. 

  1. High Definition Video Cameras 

Video cameras can help you capture the details that are important in training sessions. The camera’s ability to capture high definition video is the primary reason why it’s an essential piece of equipment.

The camera allows you to see what the learners are doing and how they are reacting to the information you are presenting to them. If you don’t have the right camera, you might find it difficult to make the most of your training session.


The reason why these equipment are recommended in blended type of training is because you want to make sure that your participants are getting the best experience possible.


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