Face-to-Face Corporate Learning in Post Covid-19

After weeks and weeks of stern restrictions, Singapore has slowly relaxed the lockdown measures. Yet, reopening will not be the same. This pandemic has changed the business environment of different industries. But we need to strengthen our adaptability to these unprecedented times and ensure success in the learning and development of the employees.

Though there has been a transition from a traditional classroom to a virtual classroom, we cannot deny the struggles in online training. Hence, we need to re-organize our strategies in order to continually achieve the company goals through safe face-to-face training – in the company training rooms or in the training room rental spaces.

Here are the guidelines on how to create a safe environment for your participants:

Space utilization
Space planning should be the primary concern in the physical setup. Floors should be marked to assist physical distancing. A distance of at least two seats must be observed at all times. Consider appropriate markings on the walls, restrooms, in the lobby, and other common areas.

Health and safety checks
Attendance should be denied if an individual manifests a fever (37.5 °C or more) or other flu-like symptoms. In case of any appearance of the symptoms during the session, promptly inform the staff members. For any history of COVID-19 infection, a medical certificate should be presented.

Contact tracing
In every activity, there should be a record of all attendees and their contact details. That will be of use in case any participants develop COVID-19 symptoms.

Care and storage of personal belongings
There is still uncertainty in transmissibility from contaminated inanimate surfaces like fabric. Therefore, clothes like jackets and coats should not be placed on chairs or sofas. Have a dedicated area for that.

Provisions of personal hygiene and protective equipment
Encourage your attendees to frequently wash their hands or use alcohol rubs. Equip your place with hand wash stations and alcohol-based sanitizers in the corners, entrance, or wherever possible. Instructions on how to rub and wash hands should be posted.

Wearing a facial mask should be advised for the entire duration of the training activities including breaks to prevent the spread of viruses. Recommend them to bring their own food where possible, personal cutleries and tumblers as well.

Management of physical distancing during training activities
If activities are necessary, recommend an interval of their arrival and a reduced number of participants to allow a minimum physical distancing of 2 meters. They could instead deliver more editions of the given activity.

Cleaning and disinfection
There should be a regular cleaning and periodic sanitization of the premises including the workstations and common areas, most frequently touched surfaces like drawer handles, tables, and knobs. Proper ventilation must always be guaranteed to avoid the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

Proper coordination
If you happen to rent seminar room to facilitate your discussions, meetings, or training, you have to coordinate with the management regarding your preferred set-up.

This is a reference guide in managing the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. A strict implementation is required to warrant the safety of every individual.

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