Getting Started As A Tutor in SG

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you already experienced in your field, only looking for a change in career? Are you attracted to your own scheduling and not working on a 9-5 full-time job?

Whatever reason you have, tutoring is in demand and a rewarding profession at the same time. You will be helping students attain independence in learning. Approximately 95% of students in Singapore have had a tutor during elementary, high school, and even college. That comes as no surprise since a lot of students are pressured to maintain high grades.

If you think this job is for you, you need to take action. But before deciding which subject to teach, or whether to go for a training room rental or not, let us first learn the steps you need to take to embark on this journey.

Graduate From A Junior College Or A Polytechnic
Since you are going to make yourself responsible for improving a child’s education, you need to hold at least an A-level certificate or a diploma. If you are already a trained school teacher or a graduate of a bachelor’s degree, you may ask for a higher tuition fee rate. The more qualified you are, the more money you can make.

Earn Relevant Experiences And Credentials
Parents prefer experienced tutors most of the time. If you are new in this field, try volunteering at different organizations for a period of time. Involving yourself in some active groups that aim to assist underprivileged students will not only allow you to gain experiences but also do good in the community.

Show Your Positive Track Record
Having a record of positive feedback and recommendations from previous students would help you boost your credibility as a tutor and gain the trust of the parents, hence, getting more enrollees.

Advertise Services and Set Rates
One of the easiest ways to promote your services is to affiliate yourself with a home tuition agency. But you can also find your own network. Tell your friends and families about your new business and let it spread by word-of-mouth. If you can prove that your mode of teaching made a difference for students, then you can set higher rates.

Select the Subject and Level to Teach
If you opt to teach primary school level, then you have to teach across the three main subjects: Maths, Science and English. These subjects are in demand for younger kids. But if you wish to teach older children, specializing would be better like music, English literature, geometry, and other interesting lessons.

Set the Schedule and Venue
You won’t be working for a 9-5 job, yet your schedule will depend on the availability of your students and their parents. Expect to be working in the afternoons or evenings, even on weekends that may last for 1.5 hours per tutee. As for the place, it will usually be in the areas of your students. But you can also organize a fixed place like a classroom rental space.

As long as you’re determined to impart your knowledge and pave the way to success for the next generation, this job will fit you. Good luck in taking your first step to becoming a tutor in Singapore!

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