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Top 5 Interesting Training Room Topics For Discussion

From safety to productivity, there are a ton of ideas that can be discussed when you rent training room for your employees. 

Your employees are one of your greatest assets. Without them, you can’t run your business. So it’s important that you provide them with the tools and training that they need to be successful.

But sometimes, even the best training plans can seem too abstract or boring for employees to engage with.

This is where the art of discussion comes in. By creating a fun environment for employees to talk about topics that matter to them, you can get them excited about what you’re teaching. And when that happens, you’ll see a much higher rate of retention.

If you rent classroom in which to train, consider this list of topics for discussion that could make your training more engaging, relevant, and effective.


#1 Stress Management

Stress is unavoidable, and every employee can relate to that. One way to show that you care about them is to initiate stress management programs.

Begin the topic by encouraging your employees to share their personal experiences in dealing with stress and offer their suggestions on how to deal with it more effectively.

Such discussions can easily be started through informal discussions, as well as by giving out rewards, such as gift cards, to those who come up with the best tips.

Employees could also be encouraged to write down their own ideas for improving the company’s stress-management practices.


#2 Work-Life Balance

We all have a life outside work, and we all need to know how to prioritize things and make sure that our personal life doesn’t conflict with our career. Oftentimes, conflicts in time management can lead to burnout and a decline in physical and mental health.

That is why, as an employer, you can help them by conducting a training session on how to maintain a work-life balance in the workplace.

In that way, you can make them feel that you care about their overall well-being. 


#3 Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits can be of interesting topics for employee discussion. An employer needs to consider several aspects such as the salary, commission, incentive and benefits packages.

A well-rounded compensation package, in alignment with the company policies, will help employees to remain motivated, and focused and increase the chances of a successful business relationship.


#4 Decision Making

It can be very hard to escape the decision-making process in everyday life. However, it’s possible to use a tool to help employees make the right choice.

Organizational values and mission statement can help employees make decisions in a way that reflects the core values of the organization.

During the training, it’s also important to mention that sometimes the employees may be tempted to “follow the herd” and do what others around them are doing.

However, this can be very dangerous, especially if it’s a company that is in danger of closing.


#5 Diversity & Cultural Awareness

In any workplace environment, having an open dialogue about race, gender, age, etc. is a good thing. It doesn’t mean that you have to let people off the hook by making blanket statements of “It’s hard to talk about.”

If people feel like they’re being judged or misunderstood, they’ll keep quiet.



The training room is a very effective place to conduct interesting employee training. It’s a private space where employees can talk about issues that are important to them in a safe, confidential environment.

Most importantly, it allows them to express themselves freely without fear of retribution.

As a leader, it’s important to understand the needs of your team, also to respect their individuality.

Everyone is different, and everyone has unique interests, so you need to find out what excites your team members to creatively address their concerns and make the discussion interesting, just like the tips mentioned above.


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