Learn the 3 Principles of Highly Effective Leaders

If you want to lead an army, you must learn to inspire them. If you want to lead a revolution, you must be ready to make tough decisions. And if you want to lead a change in the world, you need to set the values that will keep you on track and for others to follow.

If you want to learn how to become a great leader, you need to follow three simple principles.

Develop Character: Make Tough Choices

As you grow in your career, you will be faced with difficult choices. As you grow personally, you will be faced with difficult choices. No matter where you go, you will be faced with hard decisions to make. The difference between world-class leaders and those who aren’t is how they deal with these tough choices. 

The founder of Apple and the CEO of Google have faced some of the toughest and most important decisions in their lives, too.

While these business giants don’t all face the same types of choices, they all have a common trait: they’re able to handle tough choices by first recognising that they’re facing one and then developing the character to make the decision they want.

Character and leadership go hand in hand. It takes time and practice. But when we do, our character develops, and our potential grows. Your character determines how you lead and decide.

Be Generous: Give Back

This is one of the most powerful secrets from world-class leaders because it taps into something deeply human, something that we all experience. It’s a desire to give back. It’s a desire to be generous. It’s the urge to help others, to be of service, to help our community and make the world a better place. And this is one of the reasons that people go out and do good.

Focus on Values: Choose Your Values Wisely

If you want to be a great leader, you must understand what drives your organisation and align your values with those drives. Your core values are the foundation of your company’s identity, mission, and vision.

They describe what you stand for as an organisation. These are the things you care about. The most important part of your business model is your values. And your values determine whether you succeed or fail.

This is your compass. From this, you can better understand what type of work you enjoy doing and what kind of life you want to lead. You can use your values to guide your decisions and help you make choices about career paths, relationships, and more.

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We all want to become leaders and leave a mark on this planet. The key to becoming a leader is in how you act every single day. Every decision you make impacts others around you. Every action you take builds your reputation for being a leader. So if you want to be a leader, then you need to start acting like one. You need to lead by example and lead with intention.


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