Everything You Need to Know About Seminars





Seminars are like lectures at school but are different from the school environment. They are aimed for a small group and are generally conducted by a teacher or speaker in a seminar room. They are more like an open discussion lecture where participants have to actively take part in the seminar. It covers some specific topic and may involve activities unlike in a classroom where most lectures are limited to studying.

Seminars are conducted by learning institutes, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and private groups. They are carried out for a variety of purposes. A charity institute may do a seminar for raising fund.

A medical research institute may have seminar to introduce some medicine or research. Whatever the case be seminars can be very useful. Since they target large number of audience, big rooms or halls are required. Luckily, there are many such rooms available for renting.

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People who conduct seminars may or may not host it alone. Whether you are doing it on your own or with helpers here is what you need to do before, during and after the seminar:
Before the Seminar

• You need a plan to follow. And you will need queues for help. Do not write your entire speech; just write important postulates that you can refer to when needed. This will help you have a form and structure, eventually ensuring smooth flow.

• If you are presenting in a group, you need to meet with your group days in advance and divide the parts and who will present what. This will ensure that the transition is smooth and your audience does not lose focus.

• Practice your presentation in front of friends or colleagues to get their feedback. This will help elevate your confidence and identify any errors or lacks thereof in your speech.

• Study the topic thoroughly. Your research should prepare you for answering questions.
During the Seminar

• Speak clearly and confidently and have eye contact with your audience as much as possible. Try to use your notes less.

• If you are a listener during the presentation, never interrupt the speaker. If you have a question, raise your hand, and when given the chance then pose your question.

• Get engaged with the audience. Ask questions and if the opinions differ from your point of view, be polite and welcoming. Remember, it is all about sharing thoughts and that is part of learning.

• Stick to your topic and ambulate a bit. This helps get the audience’s attention and include audience from all corners of the room. Use hand gestures to make your point.

• Distribute handouts if you deem it necessary. It is especially ideal in seminars where new information is being given. The audience can use the handout or pamphlet to get on speed with you.

After the Seminar

• For those listening in the seminar, try typing notes that you made during the presentation. Meet with other participants to discuss what you learned from the seminar. This will help you understand different perspectives.

• And the speaker, pat yourself on the back!

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