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4 Reasons Why Having A Venue Near Public Transport Can Be Beneficial For The Participants

For a lot of people, getting around in the city isn’t easy, and public transport often isn’t convenient or reliable.

When you rent seminar room for a medium to large conference or training, one of the main factors that can influence your decision to accept the room booking is the accessibility of the venue to public transport. This might not be something that you’ve thought about previously but if you’re organising a meeting for more than 30 people who mostly come by train/bus/metro/etc, choosing a training room rental that’s accessible to public transport can make the whole experience easier for them. 

In this post, we will consider how the location of your event could affect the quality of your attendance and, more importantly, how it affects your attendees’ financial viability.

1. Cost-effective

A private car is the best option for someone who lives more than five miles away from the venue, but you should be aware that this comes with higher costs and could be a problem if traffic is bad. 

So, having an accessible venue for public transportation means giving them an opportunity to save from travel expenses.

2. Minimises traffic jams

Public transport can carry many people all at the same time. Unlike individual automobiles which can load a few people only yet consumes space on the road, causing congestion in our cities. 

By taking the public vehicle as an alternative, your participants can reach the venue more quickly than riding in their car and waiting in traffic jams for the next 20 minutes. 

Having that said, it would help them from being tardy or absent in your training.

3. Convenient

Your attendees could be from anywhere and not everyone can drive. So, the closer the venue is to the public transport, the easier it is for them to travel to and from. 

But if ever they do have a car, at least they have the option to hop on the mass transit to save their time from trying to find a place to park their car.

4. Environmentally friendly

Taking public transportation is environmentally friendly because it reduces your carbon footprint. It helps you to reduce your impact on the environment by using less fuel and making fewer trips to your destination.


The more expensive the event space the more people you can attract. However, the more accessible your event, the more likely attendees are to turn up.

The location of the venue plays a vital role. A venue located near public transport can help us to ensure that we are able to accommodate everyone who attends our event, including those who don’t drive or own a car. Not only that is advantageous to our participants, but we also help save our environment.


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