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What colors should you choose for your training or seminar room?

Everything little thing count during a seminar, training or meeting session or event. The effects may be seemingly insignificant yet are important as it will form a good or bad impression on you when your clients hold their seminar or event at your training premises. Not surprisingly, colors do affect the image that one wants to project, and that image can actually be formed when your participants first step into the training room. Hence, it is important to choose the right colors so that the impression formed is a positive one.

Typically, the following colors depict different meanings and I would recommend at the end which color should you choose and reason why.

  • Natural colors (cream and beige)
    Denotes corporate and more serious type of businesses such as financial advisers, lawyers, accountant etc. As this color will project a image of being safe but boring and dull but steady.
  • Pink – Pink gives a sense of tranquility.
  • Blue
    Projects confidence, wisdom, honesty and loyalty. Hence, businesses associated with these traits should consider using this color.
  • Green
    Projects calmness, growth and security and to indicate prestige, status and wealth – dark green is also a favorite color.
  • Navy blue and burgundy
    Projects responsibility, control and gives confidence to clients.

In general, accessory is also important in addition to the colors. For example, adding wood grain finishes to natural colors is a good mixture to a sophisticated feel and look for lawyers’ offices.

As a general guideline, the brighter the color, the less serious is the business. And it really depends what business you are in.

For training and seminar rooms, it is recommend to use light colors or Turquoise as these colors helps in inducing a good learning environment where participants are comfortable to share and encourage retention of knowledge.

Yellow is also a popular color used in training or seminar rooms as it stimulates the brain cells during learning, builds concentration and will help in retention. However, do not overdo it by having large pieces of yellow in your walls as it may be counter productive. Some yellow in the trainer’s background will do for example, the white board, a slice of the wall in yellow will be more than enough. Yellow should be used sparingly, a tinge of it is good enough not too much of it as it can be overwhelming.