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Should you scent your seminar room?

If you recall your visits to hotels, resorts or even property show flats today, in additions to the greet and meet by the door staff who make you feel welcomed, the elaborate decoration, the level of luxury and service professionalism of the staff, you most likely would also recall that many of the hotels, resorts today exhibit a special scent in the location.

Besides the usual decoration, professionalism and service level of the staff, the sense of smell has also been used to hopefully create a powerful connection with the guests. In fact, the brand and environment of the hotel, resort can be greatly enhanced through the use of scent.

Why? Facts of Fragrance
The human sense of smell plays an important role in memory. Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain responsible for memory and emotions.

In current times, owners and managers of hotels, property/car show flats, would do anything to give their brand an edge, in hope of encouraging sales or repeat visits. As the gaps between competition tighten and consumers demand a higher level of quality’experience’ during their visit or stay,

How has the scent got to do with your training event or seminar?

Before you rent a seminar room or decide to hold your event at a particular place, do make a visit and see and ‘smell’ the seminar room for yourself. While photos may tell a thousand words, we have our fair encounter of deciding on a place to hold our event before going down to personally see and smell for yourself. This may not be a right step to take.

Do not let a seemingly small thing affect the experience of your participants. If the seminar room smells or reek of foul smell, then this will inevitably affect your seminar or even a factor for some of your participants to leave early.

Depending on the type of event you are holding, scents from lavender (relaxing), peppermint (energizing) can also be used during your training, you will definitely stand out as a trainer who knows how to use the power of scent to help you in your training or seminar event.

Perhaps, this might also cause brand loyalty to be increased by allowing your participants to develop an emotional connection with your training or brand that you are promoting.