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4 Great Team Building Activities Every Organization Should Conduct

Similar to organs of a body that connect with each other and listen to commands of the brain, every department within an organization works in the same manner. Any weakness somewhere causes damage to the whole organization, so you wouldn’t compromise loosing it anyway. To keep the blood flow smooth, you need to keep the vessels, veins and valves clean:

  • Run performance checks regularly and find out the root cause of the problem
  • Rectify issues and potential threats to the organization in the lights of the findings
  • Keep grooming organization’s overall skill set and set higher, more challenging KPIs

While some might take strict and formal route, you can always choose slightly longer and winded path that has definite but possibly constructive outcomes. Smart entrepreneurs understand that human behaviors can be changed, but not with strict rules. Employees should rather learn from what they did.

This is where team building activities fit perfectly. These activities may be conducted in a classroom setting. So, you can get a classroom for rent if you don’t have too much space in your organization. Best thing about them is, anybody can play and learn. So let’s learn how to play

1. Road Map Game   

Objective: planning and strategy

Time allowed: 30 minutes

What to do: vacation planning in the lights of the city map provided.

Divide participants into two teams and set their allowance, vehicle, fuel consumption and entertainment spots. After planning, both teams will argue which one came up with a better plan.

2. Mine Field

Objective: listening skills, building trust

Time: 2 – 5 minutes for each participant

What to do: crossing the mine field by staying safe

For mine field, you need a larger room to place obstacles and create a walking path. One participant from each team will be blind folded who is supposed to cross the mine field, while others standing outside the field need to instruct him/her how to cross the field without running into the mines. If any blind folded team member comes in contact with the mine, he/she has to go back to the starting point and restart.

3. Egg Drop

Objective: time management and problem solving

Time: One hour

What to do: make an egg packaging to secure an egg falling from 3 to 4 meter height

Each team will be divided into 5 members at most. They have to make a basket or packaging secure enough to hold an egg falling from 4-meter height. Preparation will take about an hour, then their efforts will be put to test.

4. Legoman

Objective: adaptability, management, memorizing, trust building and observation

Time: one hour

What to do: replicate the sculptor without touching it.

Split employees into two groups and place a sculptor at the same distance from each of them. Provide plastic blocks to replicate the sculptor. Only one member from each team can go and observe it without touching. Then he/she instructs rest of the team members how to create a replica, giving details of specs and colors of the blocks.

For workshops and training sessions where you can implement these activities, you can get training room rental Singapore at fairly reasonable rate.