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What are the training methods commonly used today? (Part Two)

Training via Audio and visuals
This method includes learning through videos, television, documentary. This method opens employees or students to practical and real life case studies in a time and money saving method. This method allows new employees, students to learn through other people mistakes. The weakness of such a method is that it usually is adopted for a general audience and not so much free play in the tailoring of program. In addition, interaction during such a method of training may be lesser than most of the methods that we have discussed.

Online or computer based learning
Increasingly, this method has been very popular that even universities like Stanford has many workshops and lectures being shared online inviting people to join. This is out of a classroom setting and usually can be done at home. One of the more popular learning portals today is Udemy which has gained worldwide recognition for learning. For in house computer based training programs, they are usually customized to present and share materials in such a way that it allows employees or students to learn at their own time. The advantage of such a learning method is thus the ability to allow employees to learn and study at their own pace. It can be before work, after work and during the employees’ resting hours.

As such a method of training requires a lot of discipline on the part of the student or employee, it is good that the person who is instituting the online or computer based learning, give timeline and clear goal and objectives to the student and employee.

An experienced employee or a more senior person will guide and lead the apprentice on the job for a certain time period. Skills will be imparted during this form of training so that the apprentice will eventually know how to perform the job competently. This form of training is good for imparting skills that are more hands on.

Team Building
Team building learning should be amongst all, the most fun, engaging and interactive. This is usually carried out by a third party, which is a team building company. It is usually used to help the team understand each other better, how to meet objectives that are given and importantly to act as one. During such a learning exercise, there is no rank to speak of as everyone is to be equal. A good team building facilitator will usually tell the cohort the objective before and after the program and point out what is done well, done not so well and what can be improved. If time permits, a video to capture all the moments with good music will usually move many to tears and forge a bond amongst the team.

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