4 Problems Untrained New Recruits Face

Rental Training room facilitiesIt is important to train the new guy! If you hire someone young who has just stepped out of college, you might want to train them. These are rookies who have not had professional experience; therefore they are bound to make mistakes. And mistakes are good because you learn from them but prevention is better than cure, they say.

Training can be beneficial both for the new hire and the employer. If you are a small start up lacking space to train, you can use training room rentals. Here are the 4 problems that rookies often face that can be avoided using proper training:

Lack of Confidence

This is fairly common among recent graduates that they lack the confidence to speak their minds and share ideas. Since they do not have a lot of experience with things, they hesitate to speak in front of executives and as a result a very good idea that can help the company may go unheard. Training can be like a welcome party for them where they get comfortable. If you find an individual lacking in confidence, you can work on them with few confidence boosting exercises during training.

Not Following Standards

A new recruit does not know how things are done in your organization. They may not know that some things are frowned upon in the company. Not everyone has the sense of dressing to know what to wear at a business meeting and what to wear on a Friday. If you are company with standards to be followed during work hours, it might be favorable to train them and acquaint them with the standards. This way they will know in advance the culture of the organization and it will spare them from making any embarrassing mistake.

Poor Time Management

Time management is a key to succeeding at almost every job and new recruits generally lack this skill unless it is innate in them. They can be overwhelmed with the responsibilities. Remember professional workspace is different than doing assignments for a class. They need to understand how to prioritize tasks at hand and this can only be achieved through training.

Some basic training can help these individuals acquire skills that will benefit them for life. And of course if they are better at managing time, they will give your organization optimal results. Poor Team Work

Now this is something that they learn in college but who is to say they actually learned something from group projects and presentations? Now they work for you and it is important to you that they are good team players.

Some newbies would find working within a team difficult. There can be many reasons for this. However, this problem is reasonable enough to train them a bit about team work. At the start of their work or may be start of some project, give them adequate training about teamwork skills. You can find a lot of activities online that will help in your training regime.

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