A unique request for our training room (Part two)

Jay was punctual and was happy with the set up of the interview room and the facilities. She said that she was a regional  representative and looking to hire someone in Singapore as a coordinator between Singapore and the other offices. She was expecting about 20 candidates who applied for the role.

I asked her how would she know who is a suitable candidate and she shared some interview tips with me as follows:

The candidate who turn up must have made effort in dressing up, not in a exaggerated manner but at least the bare minimum
of dressing properly and professionally and have made some effort.

Arriving on time
The candidate must not be late and those who turn up at least 20 minutes before will be good. Candidates who are late will
be be naturally be discounted from the role substantially.

As an interviewer, the job is to find out the most willing candidate to do the role. many people have the incorrect
concept of hiring the best candidate among the rest, but a proper and better method is to find the best fit for the
role. Sometimes, hiring the most talented or experienced candidate may not be the best fit because he or she is not

Has the candidate prepared adequately for the interview or highlighted his achievements
The candidate should be concise and adequately illustrate his past achievements and be able to share how he can fit the role and bring value to the company.

The candidate should have done some research and able to ask some insightful questions about the role, company, for example, the values, mission etc. This shows his interest and has taken the time and effort to research about the role and company.

Above all, it is after all a gut feel and experience as to which is the right candidate for the role.

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