How To Train and Retain New Employees

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Have you been experiencing high turnover among new employees? Do you need to hire new employees every month? Have you identified the flaws in hiring or training, to reduce new-employees turnover?

Retaining new employees has always been important for businesses. Studies indicate that 22% employees leave within 45 days of employment. You’ll be lucky if you’re not one of those businesses facing this problem. However, employee retention is an art which starts with flawless training program. If you’re not doing good in retaining them, ask yourself, what kind of plan you follow to train new employees?

These days, lack of training facility is just an excuse, especially in Singapore. You can simply get a proper training room rental in Singapore at fairly reasonable rates to solve this issue.

What else can you do?

In these lines, you will learn from the experiences of 5 entrepreneurs who have developed excellent training programs to reduce employee retention.

  1. Direct Employee Training Employee training

According to Matt Goulart, the founder of Ignite Digital, direct employee training offers strong basis for knowledge. The manger, or the owner, must bring expert trainers to help employees. This may change the perception because a training expert (who replaced you) will train differently and your employees can learn better. You can come in the last round with a mini-quiz.

  1. Your Objective Must be To Optimize Their Strengths

Elle Kaplan, founder of Lexion capital says new employees should be given general training at the initial stage. Then you can switch to specialized training. If your employees know different departments and their basic functions, it will give them a strong foundation.

  1. e-learning Programs

Ben Landers of Blue Corona suggests e-learning platforms with several different courses. You can design courses ranging from general company knowledge to specific operations. Add in some industry insights as well.e-learning training

If you don’t have a place to conduct e-learning training session, seminar room rental providers in Singapore nowadays offers all kinds of equipment with latest software for quick learning and better understanding.

  1. Assign Tasks in Lieu of Training

New employees get motivated with small responsibilities on their shoulders, and try to perform well. In doing so, they make their own effort to get detailed knowledge about the company and its respective departments. According to Przemyslaw Radomski, CEO Sunshine Profits, employees will not only learn a lot, they will have achieved something by the end of the task and this will increase their interest in follow-up training.

  1. Let The Participants Share Experiences

employee lead sessions

This is vital for all employees, especially for the new ones. This is also vital for you because you want them to stay. VoIP Supply’s CEO, Ben Sayers emphasizes on holding training sessions lead by employees, every once in a month. Everyone has his own way of seeing things and this can benefit you a great deal. It’s a reality that employees can see specifics of your business better than you, particularly operations. So, let them share their expertise to help others learn.

You may set up a training session in a classroom rental to give them every opportunity to train and learn.