Reasons and Remedies of High Employee Turnover In Customer Service


High customer service turnover is not a new thing, yet it’s a big concern for small-scale businesses. As you know, high employee turnover proves to be a financially costly for businesses. At the same time, it’s not necessary for every customer service department, as there are some good businesses where customer service representatives have been working happily for years. Before you climb down into tips and tricks to reduce employee turnover, better understand why you’re dealing with it.

What Does High Employee Turnover In Customer Service Indicate?

Complexity of product:

You cannot expect your employees to understand each and every aspect of products. Most of the time, they have to deal with a large variety of them. Then there are tiers, value added services, changes in return policies, increased taxes, shipment policies, refund policies and much much more. On your part, after giving them a small refresher for 15 to 20 minutes, it’s job done. Now they’ll understand themselves, isn’t it?

Plenty of high potential employees leave every year with a firm decision of never to look back at this job again. That is, because, they find themselves short of knowledge.

Lack of rewards and benefits:

You hired them on a fixed salary and set sky-high targets to achieve. Rather than thinking about getting perks and privileges, employees dwell in fear of losing their jobs.  Initially, out of all enthusiasm, most of them might show above average performance. Real problem starts when they start to show reluctance and you start to get uncomfortable with their attitude. Are you satisfied with your incentive plans? It doesn’t matter if you do. Your employees have rejected it!

Lack of idea sharing

Companies that never change with time, face far greater challenges that employee retention. If you wonder you’re the only one who can think and make the right decisions, you’d never have to read these lines at the first place. There may be others who may not be as gifted as you, but they talk to real customers. Your employees are the best resource to find out what’s changing around and what needs to be done to adapt that change.

By now, you must have some issues of your own, but first, you need to improve on these factors:

How to Improve

  1. Develop a continuous and recurring training schedule which must be based on all aspects of your operations. You may consider getting a seminar room rental for employee-turnover-2-compressorproduct refreshers and updates. A good training room environment that encourages employees to focus on their current competence level , is vital for better training. Organize these refreshers in classroom rental and let them share their ideas as well.
  2. Your incentive or bonus plan must have realistic and achievable targets. Encourage top performers to maintain their efforts by means of appreciation, relaxation and other benefits. Prefer senior and experienced employees during promotions or inter-department transfers.
  3. Conduct one-to-one sessions in which employees can share their experiences and suggest solutions to a number of issues.
  4. Send them timely performance updates. Pay attention to their flaws and help them minimize errors.

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