Tips for conducting on boarding program for new hires

We have recently rented our training room to a client who trained their new hires and we like to share some tips on this topic with our readers and clients

An effective employee training / on boarding program ensures that new hires are prepared in their new positions, giving them confidence and the resources they need. A good on boarding and well planned process will ensure that new hires know that they play an important role in the organisation.

It also minimizes employee turnover, align the values and goals of the organisation and help to save managers’s time training the new employee. This article contains five tips on training new hires.

1. Incorporate Different Training Methods during the on boarding presentation

As an on boarding program usually comprise of all ranks in the program, it is important to know the profile of your audience. Do consider incorporating a variety of content during your training example, slide shows, power point presentations, employee handbook, hands on activities. This will help to ensure that all of the employees regardless of their proficiency in any language can grasp the intent of the program. If your presentation is in English, do consider developing your presentation in other languages or have a translator present to explain to the audience who needs assistance.

2. Communicate the objectives of the program at the start and at the end of the program

This will help the new staff to understand what the trainer will be speaking about and also help them to refresh their memory. Importantly, help the new staff to know what they are supposed to understand at the end of the orientation program.

3. Develop Practical Training program

Do not overwhelm your new staff with excessive information on the very first day. If there is too much information to share with new joiners, it is encouraged that you convince the respective department heads to make it into a two days program etc and it will translate into long lasting benefits for the department. Take note also not to scare the new joiners with overwhelming information that they are frighten off on the first day of work. One possible way of doing is to invite the respective department heads to sit in your program so that they are convinced that a one day program is insufficient and acknowledge the benefits of the program.

4. Have some fun

While it is important that the new joiners understand the objectives and know as much about the organisation as possible, understand that it is unrealistic to overdo it. It is important that the new hires make new friends across various departments and making them feel engaged and motivated. Hence, conduct your program well but have some fun!

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