Tips to determine the suitability of a seminar or training room

Before you commit yourself to a training room rental or seminar room rental for your organisation’s event, what are the factors that you should look out for?

What is your organisation’s corporate image? And does the location befit your company’s image? For example, if your organisation is a MNC and is relatively well known, your location is recommended to be in more prominent locations for example, in town or Central Business District (CBD) area especially if you are inviting external guests to your event. This would be a more preferred choice as compared to an inaccessible place or located off the town area.

Does the training or seminar room you are renting befit the corporate image? For example, if your corporate image is one of serious and solemn, the room that you rent cannot have full of cartoons and drawings on the wall.

This involves few of your senses.

  • Look – How is the condition of the room? Does the room look run down or ill-maintained? Is the lighting of the room good enough? Is there natural light in the room, otherwise are the electrical lights sufficient to light up the room?
  • Smell – Is there any unpleasant smell in the room?
  • Touch – Is the training room kept tidy and clean?
  • Hear – Is there any construction going on in the vicinity which might affect the training?

First impression counts. Do you think the room will appeal to your participants? Appeal varies from the comfort of the chairs to the colours, architecture of the room. Naturally, it is important that your participants are comfortable with the room the moment they stepped foot in it. Minimally, they shouldn’t have an negative impression of the training room. In summary, the training room has to be clean, neat and tidy. There shouldn’t be any waste lying around, spills on the floor/carpet or unplesant scents in the room. Just like how much property developers spend time making up their showflats because they know the look and feel and scent of the mock up showroom sells. As a trainer, this guiding principle should also help you to give your participants postive vibes even before you start your training. Never never underestimate how much a training or seminar room appeal can make on your clients.

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