Tips to Engage Your Participants

As a trainer, it is very discouraging and de-motivating when your participants shut their eyes before you when you are speaking. In fact, it is the job of the trainer to learn how to keep your audience awake during your presentation. What are some tips to keep your audience ‘awake’?

1.Feed them with Food (ie Energy)
Light snacks are sufficient and preferably the snacks are not too heavy.

2.The Content Of Your Presentation
If you are using Powerpoint, make sure you do not have too many words in the slides, and you can considering including some videos, animations in your slide. Consider playing motivating music or light music during the breaks. Funny videos from youtube are also quite popular nowadays to let your participants have a good laugh

3.Ask Questions
You may wish to ask questions periodically to ensure your participants understand and/or help them to recall and reinforce what you have presented. It also will help you in your engagement with them.

4. Ice Breaker
Ice breaking sessions are helpful to make your participants move around and get to know one  other. By giving them time to interact with other participants, you will create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for learning in the later part of the day.

5. Best Participant Award
Let your participants know that there will be a best participant award. You will never expect this small little tip will work wonders to excite your participants and get their involvement

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