Tips to gather feedback on your presentation

If you are an entrepreneur just starting out to give talks, conduct previews etc, it makes good sense to rent a training room or seminar room on an use per pay basis rather than renting your own training room permanently as this means a commitment of at least $3-$6000 per month depending on the location and size of the room. As business owners, entrepreneurs and presenters, it is imperative that you know how well you did for your presentation especially for newbies, as your presentation could make or break the sale. Regardless of how good one is, the presentation gives your audience the perception of your skills or whichever product you are marketing. If you have done well, keep it up and look for ways to improve. If you have not done so well, find out why and IMPROVE on it. Hence, here the tips to know if you did well during the presentation

Facial Expression
As a trainer, it is important that you have a good sense of how your participants are reacting to your speech. Are they attentive and earnestly listening to you or are your audience yawning away or talking among each other, than focusing on your presentation. While this can be quite demoralizing, do not despair and take this as a lesson to improve on your presentation. If you are the kind of presenter that do not know what is happening on the ground due to your focus, try to make it a point to do so or get your assistant to help you gauge the participant’s response.

Walking Out
Have a measure of how many participants walk out halfway during your presentation. If it exceeds 20%, this is not a good sign as they have made time for your event yet they want to walk out without hearing your whole message. From experience, you should look at your marketing collateral – make sure they are attracting the right audience, examine if your presentation is too repetitive? Many trainers feel that the longer the presentation is the better it is, but this is incorrect. Importantly, it is to deliver your message in the swiftest, with most impact and engaging way. Duration doesn’t count so much if you can achieve the earlier elements.

Feedback Form
Have your participants fill up a feedback form. In the form, you can consider giving your participants rate you on contents, engagement, delivery and what can be done better. As much as possible, using rating scale instead of requiring them to write (except for 1 or 2 questions) as requiring them to write too much may turn people off and drop your feedback altogether.

Calling and thanking your audience for their time the next day
If you are extremely serious about improving your presentation, call your participant up the next day and ask them how did they like your presentation. Take the opportunity to reinforce your expertise, seek to clarify any doubts but be honest that you need more practice in your presentation skills. Be sincere and ask for their feedback, this method usually works best and people can sense your sincerity and let you know on ways to improve. While this method is the best, it is most time consuming and not every participant will entertain you.

However, novice presenters should try out this most effective method as this is the fastest way for you to improve. Of course, you must be open and receptive to
feedback, even though you receive negative ones. Remember if people take the way to give you feedback, it shows they care and are helpful and at least they bother.

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