Tips to handle participants or guests who unexpectedly turn up for your event?

As part of your company’s image, it is important to be prepared for guests who unexpectedly turn up at your event. ie people who turn up without prior registration. How should you deal with such situation(s) so that your company  remain professional and fair to those who made a prior registration?

Preparation for Extra space
One of the best ways to manage for unexpected turn ups is to prepare before hand. In addition to the registered participants, you may wish to put in a slight buffer of 10-15% for people who turn up without registration or invitation.

For example, if you have 20 pax who registered for your event, just factor in 10% i.e. arrange for 22 pax seating arrangement with your training room rental company. You might not wish to over buffer as do not forget this might mean extra cost to you since you may have to cater for a bigger training or seminar room. Also, not all who have registered – will turn up especially if it is a free seminar or event. Hence, 10-15% is a good gauge.

Be helpful and fair
As far as possible, do try to cater a seat, or writing materials, resources to the person who did not register if you can.

But you will have to be fair to those who taken the time to register, hence you should not deprive those who have registered their seats/materials and give it to guests who did not register.

Ask the guest if he or she minds standing if they don’t have a seat. If space permits, arrange for standing space rather than disappoint the guest. This might mean some re-arrangement of tables and chairs but it might be worthwhile as you are portraying a good image for your company, even though it might mean some inconvenience.

Be polite
Having said that, you might not neglect the comfort level of your participants who signed up and already comfortably seated, you do not wish to make them uncomfortable. If the space is really constrained and not feasible to accommodate the unexpected guest, then you will have no choice but to politely turn him or her down. However, do take the initiative to share when is the next preview, take down particulars and volunteer to register or follow up with him or her for the very next preview.

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