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Tips to protect and lengthen the life of your carpet in the training room

In our training and seminar room, we chose to lay carpet as after doing our research, it can be one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain. If you are like us who chose carpet for your flooring, below are some tips to take care of the carpet so that the carpet will continue to look good over time. A simple care and cleaning program is involved though, however definitely worth it

Place a walk off mat outside your entrance
By doing so, this will help to cushion the amount or minimise the dirt, sand, oil that comes into your training room when your participants come into the room. You should also do periodic cleaning of the mat as it can, over time be a source of dirt collection point.

Vacuum often
You will be amazed by how your carpet will look if you just give it twice vacuum per week. If you choose to ignore all of the tips, perhaps this is a good tip you should follow. This is because dirt, soil, moisture from the shoes of people who enter into your training room will seep into the carpet, damaging the fibres of the carpet over time.

Move heavy furniture occassionally
With heavy furniture ‘crushing’ over a particular area, this can really damage the carpet over time. Hence, it is good that the particular area of carpet have a ‘breather’ from the heavy weight of the furniture.

Protect carpet when moving heavy stuff
When you want to move heavy furniture across the carpet, be sure to place a protective layer of cardboard or plywood between the heavy furniture or its wheels and the carpet. You generally have to treat the carpet as a fragile piece of material and protect it accordingly.

Do not allow food and drinks
This sometimes can be seen as not customer centric, however as the owner of the training room, I think you will agree that once anyone spills food or drinks in your room, it will cause you alot of time, heartache to get it resolved. In fact, most of the times, it will be very difficult to put it back in original position again. Also, it may smell due to insufficient or improper cleaning of the carpet. This is also one of the cons of using carpet. If you own and rent out your training rooms, try not to compromise on this, I have personally seen a participant drop an entire packet of chicken rice on the carpet. Just imagine how it will feel..Ouch

Do not drag the chairs and tables when you do your set up
We do not excessively drag the tables or chairs across the room along the carpet as this will definitely damage the carpet over time. That said, i think minimal is fine as it can get really tiring when you lift the tables and chairs continuously. If you wish to see how we configure our seminar room seating arrangement or continue to receive speaker tips from us, stay tuned!