5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Training Venue

The last thing you want for your next training event is the wrong kind of facilities. Many people find a training venue that is spacious, but often miss inquiring about hidden labor costs, noisiness, and other important factors. The biggest mistake is overlooking minor details.

Another mistake is ignoring the importance of getting accommodation facility nearby. You would also lose a chance to host a good training session. Whenever you rent training room facilities, watch out for these five mistakes.

Prioritizing space over other important factors

You need to think about the subject of your training sessions. Talk to your classroom rental company regarding your preferences and requirements. Size is priority for most, but it might not be the same for you.

Have a guest list ready and never go for a room that too big, as it means extra costs. If your guests/trainees are going to use private vehicles to commute to the venue, you would need sufficient parking space.

Falling for Photoshop images on the internet

It is common to shop for classroom rental online because you can contact their providers easily. However, do not make the mistake of falling for just about any training room service by looking at impressive images online. Images of these facilities and premises can be fake, to attract customers. Instead, make sure that what you see is what you get by visiting your chosen facility once.

In fact, look around for customer reviews on social media sites to get a better idea of your provider’s reputation.

Assuming that WiFi is free

Uninterrupted internet connectivity is an absolute requirement in a classroom rental facility. Avoid the mistake of assuming that WiFi in your chosen premises is complimentary. Even if the internet connectivity is offered free of cost, you need to make sure whether it is reliable and fast. It is recommended that you visit the venue and check whether the broadband connection offered can handle the requirements of your group.

Hiring a training venue away from central location

No matter whether your trainees/attendees are travelling from close by or from out of the town, the training room venue should be accessible. If you make the mistake of choosing a training venue that is too far, you could receive less registrations. If not, it could diminish the value of the training or raise transportation costs for the attendees. You should also look at factors like any probable or ongoing road construction events happening near the venue. The right thing to do is to choose a venue that is close to major train stations, roads, or airport.

Renting a place without checking facilities

One must never choose a classroom rental without checking for a few essential facilities. The most basic of these facilities is accommodation. Check whether is there is a restroom or powder room available. It is always great to ask for an open area or balcony adjoining the training room. Safety facilities are indispensable, so do check for fire escapes, smoke alarm systems and proper ventilation. Air conditioning in the summers is a must-have.